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Here's Everything About the 'Stanley Cup' That is Triggering Chaos Outside Stores

People have literally rushed and grabbed their Stanley's, which shows how crazy the hype about this viral cup is!
Image Source: @jazzedbyjaz TikTok
Image Source: @jazzedbyjaz TikTok

A video went viral this week, showing Target shoppers in El Paso rushing to buy limited edition Valentine's Day Stanley cups. This was a result of curiosity about what makes these 40 oz tumbler mugs, which are apparently so special that people were almost getting trampled in a frenzy to get one.

Image Source: Stanley Official Website
Image Source: Stanley Official Website

The video, posted on TikTok by @jazzedbyjaz, captured shoppers at a store on New Year’s Eve, managing to grab all the cups in less than 4 minutes. The video's title, "Getting trampled for a Target Stanley Valentine's Cup," sums up the chaotic rush to buy these products. Within a week, the video gained 16 million views on TikTok and over 20 million on another platform.

The video clearly illustrates the impact of effective branding and social media marketing, particularly on TikTok, leading to a high demand for cups and a significant increase in Stanley's profits over the last few years.

Known officially as the Stanley Adventure Quencher Travel Tumbler, this insulated water bottle has earned endearing nicknames like "Quencher" or "Stanley Cup" from its dedicated fanbase. It gained attention through various viral holiday unboxing videos and became a trendy accessory for social media influencers, amassing millions of views. 

The cup's online popularity is evident in the TikTok hashtag "#stanleycup," which has accumulated a total of 6.7 billion views. Interestingly, most of these views are related to the tumbler itself and not the famous National Hockey League (NHL) championship trophy with the same name.

Available in various colors and sizes, the 40 oz version appears to be the favorite among users. A TikTok user, mia_lovespink2.0 even shared a video showcasing her extensive collection of Stanley cups, humorously stating, "POV: you have a cup to match every outfit!!!"

Image Source: mia­_lovespink2.0 TikTok
Image Source: mia­_lovespink2.0 TikTok

Other videos showcase social media users adding personal touches to their cherished Quenchers, such as custom nametags or even backpacks designed to accommodate the tumbler along with makeup and belongings.

In one viral video, a young girl was captured tearfully expressing gratitude as she unwrapped the exact Stanley Quencher she desired on Christmas morning.


Capitalizing on this craze, Stanley has introduced themed Quenchers, like the Valentine’s Day edition that quickly sold out at Target. The company has also collaborated with popular brands for limited-edition bottles. An exclusive gold Quencher sold at Starbucks even prompted devoted fans to camp outside stores for a chance to purchase these unique bottles.

The surge in demand for this now-legendary product has significantly boosted Stanley's profits in recent years. The Seattle-based company's annual revenue skyrocketed from around $70 million to an impressive $750 million, a surge attributed to the Quencher's popularity. attributes Stanley's profit explosion to a shift in marketing focus, particularly targeting women. The brand, traditionally marketed to men and outdoors enthusiasts, successfully tapped into women selling to women with the help of influencers. The company also adopted a "drops" system, reminiscent of sneaker culture and streetwear brands, creating anticipation and selling out products quickly.

While the Quencher has been around for a while, increased visibility on social platforms like TikTok has driven more people to buy and share their experiences, drawing even more attention.

Image Source: Stanley Official Website
Image Source: Stanley Official Website

Stanley Global President Terence Reilly acknowledges the Quencher's internet sensation status, expressing the company's commitment to providing innovative products in response to the product's rapid rise in popularity.