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Meet the TikToker who Emerged as an Influencer Through his Hobby of Creating Relatable Videos

An insurance salesman, who began sharing funny videos on social media during lockdown, didn't expect the success that followed.
Image Source: Luke Hamnett TikTok
Image Source: Luke Hamnett TikTok

In an era where social media following opens doors to lucrative monetization opportunities, Luke Hamnett has become well-known on popular platforms, gathering a total of 1.5 million followers on TikTok and Instagram. He produces up to four videos every day, accumulating a total of 56 million likes on TikTok, all because his content includes relatable scenes and discussions on current news.

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The 31-year-old originally from Stoke-on-Trent and now residing in Manchester, is on the brink of becoming a full-time influencer. He has a social media manager, and his videos range from reacting to a dirty bath (12 million views) to pretending to dance with friends in a club (over 3 million views).

Hamnett, who has more than 300 video ideas saved on his phone, writes and memorizes scripts before posting them approximately 25 minutes later.

Although he began posting during the lockdown, creating lip-sync videos on Facebook to uplift his family's spirits, his journey to online fame truly took off in 2021. A video where he pretended to be the mother of a boy named Matthew went viral, hitting 100,000 views within an hour.

Overwhelming online response even led to recognition on the streets, with people approaching him whenever he went outside. Despite the attention, Hamnett views his work as more of a hobby than a job, and he never really switches off from it.

His motivation to make people laugh during difficult times stems from his love for acting, a passion that dates back to his childhood.

Image Source: Luke Hamnett TikTok
Image Source: Luke Hamnett TikTok

His videos have also filled his inbox with positive messages from followers expressing how his content has helped them during challenging periods. Even his mom, Janet, shares the sentiment, recalling his early love for acting, symbolized by a childhood picture on the family Christmas tree.

Despite facing bullying from a young age, Hamnett wouldn't change anything that happened, as those experiences have shaped the strong person he is today. "It's made me who I am today. I'm very strong now and I don't put up with things that people may say," he shared.

His videos often feature his mom, engaging in activities like dancing and playing games together. One such game is the 'pitta bread challenge,' where they hold water in their mouths and use pitta bread to playfully slap each other's faces without laughing.

Their close relationship is evident as he plays lighthearted pranks on his mom, sharing the funny moments with their followers. His mom, in turn, goes along with his requests, stating, "People ask me how I put up with Luke, but I'm used to him after all these years."

In years to come, Hamnett envisions himself performing stand-up comedy and creating a podcast with his mom, showcasing the contrasts between their generations.

"Doing stand-up comedy scares me, but I want to take risks. I've always wanted to make people laugh," he shared, emphasizing his passion for bringing joy to others.