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This Aussie Mom Earns $2500 per Sponsored Post on TikTok and Boasts Close to 20K Followers; Here’s How

She started making cash after joining TikTok to promote her book, "Sell Anything Online".
UPDATED JAN 22, 2024
Cover Image Source: @sellanythingonline
Cover Image Source: @sellanythingonline

A mother of three from Sydney, Anaita Sarkar says that she can make around $3800 from a single minute-long TikTok video. And guess what? She is not even an influencer. The regular digital creator started making cash online after joining the short video platform to promote her book, "Sell Anything Online" back in 2021. 

"There's so much money to be made online. It's nuts," Sarkar tells 9Honey Money. "But I didn't go into it thinking I want to be an influencer or a content creator. That was a really strange concept to me," she added.

Source: @sellanythingonline

Anaita Sarkar was already running a sustainable brand, Hero Packaging, and had already written her digital marketing and e-commerce book as a side project. She opted for a DIY marketing strategy to market her book as she could not allocate thousands to the same. She started posting short and not-so-fancy videos on TikTok and chatted with her audience through simple tips. "I just kept on saying, 'Here are four tips to optimize your website,' 'Here are tips to become a creator or get more TikTok views.' And that kept on increasing my followers," she told the publication.

She said that she did not plan to make a lot of money or even reach a huge chunk of the audience but soon amassed a family of 100,000 on TikTok. Her social media career took off in a few months. She was suddenly receiving emails from brands who wanted to work with her. She admits that, initially when she was approached by the brands she had no idea how to price herself and ended up working for less money. She was charging  $100 per ver video in the starting but soon started receiving more.

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"According to Linktree, creators who are using their service drive over $6 billion in sales. The platform says that around $12,000 is being spent by the shoppers. What I found speaking to a lot of creators, there's a lot of dishonesty online. A lot of people say that they're making a lot of money, when in fact they're not," Sarkar said. She then spoke about how the content creators' self-worth is often measured by the number of likes and the number of comments that they receive. 'I'm not getting millions of views, so I can't charge a lot of money.'" She then talked about how she gradually realized that her content is valuable for the big brands and therefore, she should charge more for it. 

Sarkar learned from the male American creators who were standing up for themselves and charging appropriately for their work. Today, she earns close to USD 2500 for a single post and boasts close to 20,000 TikTok followers. "A lot of people in the business influencer space are charging about USD 5000 (AUD 7,600). I just can't bring myself to do it," she added.

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A post shared by Anaita Sarkar | Marketing & Business Tips (@sellanythingonline)


Sarkar then talked about how people of color tend to charge less than their white counterparts. She feels that it is a "mental problem" that needs to be addressed. "We want to be nice about it, but at the end of the day, you're just losing out for yourself," she declared.

She also discussed how having a huge follower base is not mandatory and all one needs to do is find a niche and start making content sincerely. She shed light on how your content can reach millions even if you don't have a lot of followers. "TikTok is not a social network, it's a broadcast network. Every video that you create has the potential to get 100,000 views, a million views," she said.