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A $30 Costco Feast for 7: TikTok Star Madison Stimmel’s Budget-Birthday Celebration Inspires New Trend

In a heartwarming video posted on TikTok, Madison shared the unique and budget-friendly way she marked her special day with family.
Cover Image Source: TikTok | Madison Stimmel
Cover Image Source: TikTok | Madison Stimmel

Celebrations don't always need grandeur and extravagance as TikToker Madison Stimmel demonstrated with her recent viral birthday celebration at Costco. In a heartwarming video posted on TikTok, Madison shared the unique and budget-friendly way she marked her special day with family, turning a trip to the popular wholesale chain into an unforgettable event.

TikToke | Madison Stimmel
TikTok | Madison Stimmel

Madison, clad in a Birthday Girl headband and matching Costco sweatshirts with her family, showcased how simplicity and creativity can make any occasion memorable. Opting for a laid-back celebration, the Stimmel family ordered a delightful spread from the Costco food court, including a whole cheese pizza, hotdogs, soda, a chicken bake, and a rotisserie chicken Caesar salad. "This is going to be the cheapest birthday dinner yet," Madison cheerfully exclaimed in the video. The entire feast for seven people amounted to a mere $30.88, proving that joy doesn't always come with a hefty price tag.

Madison explained that the idea to celebrate her birthday at Costco stemmed from a desire for something fun and simple, steering away from the usual grand gestures. "I really just wanted to do something fun and simple. I didn't even want to get birthday gifts," she shared with Business Insider. Being a fan of Costco's food court, Madison suggested the unconventional celebration, and her family quickly embraced the unique idea.

TikToke | Madison Stimmel
TikTok | Madison Stimmel

To Madison's surprise, halfway through their meal, Costco employees approached the celebratory family, singing and presenting Madison with a complimentary birthday cake. The unexpected gesture added an extra layer of joy to the already delightful celebration.

Madison's video resonated with TikTok users, quickly amassing over 2.2 million views. Commenters flooded the post, sharing their enthusiasm and even expressing intentions to replicate the idea. "If Costco had a party room, it would be sold out constantly. This is a brilliant idea," one user remarked, capturing the sentiment echoed by many. The viral celebration sparked a new trend, with users considering Costco as a unique and cost-effective venue for birthday festivities. Madison, overwhelmed by the positive response, stated, "Costco is definitely one of my happy places, and I love how my birthday brought so much joy to other people."

To wrap up the affordable and cheerful celebration, the Stimmel family spent an additional $12.97 on churros and ice cream sundaes for dessert, adding the perfect sweet touch to Madison's first-ever Costco birthday experience.

In the world of social media trends, Madison Stimmel's Costco celebration has struck a chord, reminding everyone that joy can be found in the simple pleasures of life, and sometimes, a budget-friendly feast at Costco can create lasting memories.