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What To Do If You Miss Your Flight? You Might Get To Fly On The Next For Free, Here's How

Many airlines have gone on record to talk about how their “flat tire policies” do not solely cover delays due to actual flat tires.
UPDATED JAN 22, 2024
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @jakepeterson114
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @jakepeterson114

Missing a flight can be tiring and frustrating, and many feel helpless. TikToker Jake Peterson took to the video-sharing platform to disclose ways that can save you from travel woes such as this. According to Peterson, there’s actually "one excuse you can give the airline that will let them put you on the next flight for free, or at least, put you on the standby list."

Image source: Pexels/
LT Chan
Flight schedule | Pexels/ LT Chan

So, what is the excuse that he was talking about? Well, it seems like one can simply say that they had a flat tire. "Earlier today, I was running late for my flight because I had a flat tire. So I knew I wasn’t gonna make it,” he recounts. “But fortunately, most airlines have a flat tire policy—American, Delta, United...The agent, there’s a button on their computer that says ‘flat tire policy,’ and they will, for free of charge, move you to the next flight." "So next time you’re delayed because of a flat tire, use this trick,” he concludes. “It could help you save you some money."

TikTok | @jakepeterson114
TikTok | @jakepeterson114

Well yes, many airlines have gone on record to talk about how their “flat tire policies” do not solely cover delays due to actual flat tires. The term "flat tire policies" is an umbrella term that is used to describe certain circumstances that are not under anybody's control. 

It's important to note that policies vary from one airline to another but, according to The Points Guy, many airlines allow free rebooking or standby travel as long as one arrives within 2 hours of their scheduled departure time. The thing is that these policies are mainly designed to accommodate passengers in case of an unavoidable crisis, so they might not be very cooperative daily. However, even if they do not have a policy set in place, it's best to call them and ask for the options in case you realize that you will be late for the airport. 

This is a policy that allows customers who are late to the airport to be placed on a later flight without any penalty of any sort.  Here are some of the top airline policies.

American Airlines' flat-tire policy

American Airlines has a set of policies that makes it rather easy for a customer to get a rebooking in case they have missed their flight. It's important to note that you will only be given the rebooking if you check in within 2 hours after the departure time. You also need to hold a mobile boarding pass in case you show up at the wrong airport. 

Source: GettyImages | Joe Raedle  Staff
American Airlines flight | GettyImages | Joe Raedle Staff

United Airlines' flat-tire policy

Unlike American Airlines, United Airlines does not have any policy. However, if you ever miss their flight, contact them if you have reached the counter within 30 minutes of the departure time. While nothing is guaranteed, asking them is worth a shot. 

Delta Air Lines' flat-tire policy

Delta Air Lines does not have a flat tire policy in place for the most part, as pointed out by The Points Guy. While the airlines do not have any policy like that, it is still best to contact them in case you have missed the flight but have reached the airport within 30 minutes.