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Five Costco Benefits You Shouldn’t Miss out On; Gift Cards, Gas Prices, and More

Costco offers substantial discounts of up to 30% on gift cards for local pizza shops, ice cream parlors, and popular restaurants.
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @raviwadan | @braiden.fulcrum
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @raviwadan | @braiden.fulcrum

In a recent TikTok video, the top five advantages of a Costco card were highlighted, urging viewers to seize these often overlooked perks. One of the standout benefits highlighted in the video is Costco's incredible deals on "gift cards." Viewers were encouraged to take advantage of substantial discounts of up to 30% on gift cards for local pizza shops, ice cream parlors, and popular restaurants. This means regular savings on dining out or when purchasing gifts.

TikTok | @raviwadan
TikTok | @raviwadan

The video emphasized Costco's competitive gas prices as another major perk. "Costco's gas stations offer some of the lowest prices around, often undercutting nearby gas stations by significant margins—up to 90 cents per gallon," according to the video. For travelers, "Costco's travel services were spotlighted as a valuable resource." The platform offers attractive vacation packages to various destinations along with unbeatable deals on cruises. Notably, "Costco's rental car rates were touted as consistently lower than those found on other online booking platforms."

TikTok | @raviwadan
TikTok | @raviwadan

Pet owners were also urged to consider Costco for pet insurance, known for offering some of the best rates in the market. This can translate to substantial savings for those who value their furry family members. "The video showcased the humble yet popular Costco hot dog, priced at just $1.50." Families often make a Saturday tradition of stopping at Costco for this budget-friendly meal alongside other treats like pizza, adding to the overall value of their Costco membership. These lesser-known benefits, if utilized effectively, can help members not only cover the cost of their membership but potentially save hundreds or even thousands of dollars annually. "If you have a Costco card and haven't explored these avenues yet, you could be missing out on significant opportunities to maximize your Costco membership and save money on everyday expenses," per the video. 

TikTok | @braiden.fulcrum
TikTok | @braiden.fulcrum

One user@Jerry said, "I’m convinced Costco is the best company out there," and @Ravi Wadan (Finance Education) said, "It really is! They treat you better than some family members haha." @Ed said, "New cars through Costco are great. Prices are already negotiated down below MSRP with specific dealerships. No haggling." @Ravi Wadan (Finance Education) replied, "That’s a great one, Ed. I’ll have to do a video on that." @Timmy Tenders said, "Took a Costco vacation. It was sweet and got a $300 Costco gift card."


5 Costco membership benefits! Number 1 is my favorite 😎🛒

♬ original sound - Braiden Shaw NMLS #1833591


@Sports Crazy said, "Gas worth the membership alone" and meanwhile @Ravi Wadan (Finance Education) said, "This is very true! Just getting your gas makes the membership worth it." @eriksadventures said, "Costco Citi card is $120 and includes a membership. 4% cash back on gas earns me more than the membership costs every year," @Ravi Wadan (Finance Education) said, "Haha."

TikTok | @braiden.fulcrum
TikTok | @braiden.fulcrum

@Lizzie A. said, "Bro, just to get through the line at the gas pumps, you need a full tank of gas" and @Ravi Wadan (Finance Education) responded, "Haha." @user2073425222869 said, "Can someone tell me more about the pet insurance?" Meanwhile, @Ravi Wadan (Finance Education) said, "I’ll do some research and make a video on it." Furthermore, @Rachel said, "I just used Costco for my rental car." @Ravi Wadan (Finance Education) replied, "Awesome!" @Olivia said, "Can you make a video about car insurance?" and @Ravi Wadan (Finance Education) responded, "Yes I can!"  @Tito Bachez Jr said, "Any thoughts on the gas? It could be me but I feel like it’s “watered down…. ?" @SaraI said, "I am a Costco Travel STAN if you see a deal on a vacation you’ve booked, call em up and they will apply it."

@raviwadan 5 Costco benefits that you should be taking advantage of! Did you know about these Costco benefits? ##costcofinds##costcotiktok##costcobuys##costcodeals##costcotravel##costcomusthaves@@Costco Wholesale ♬ original sound - Ravi Wadan (Finance Education)


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