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TikToker Mom Explains Why Her Kids Deserve $12000 Worth of Christmas Presents, Sparks Debate

The TikToker thinks that it was high time her kids got what they wanted and she simply doesn't care what people think of her.
Cover Image Source: TikTok | itsmebadmom
Cover Image Source: TikTok | itsmebadmom

Many parents are drawing flak over spending a lot on Christmas presents for their kids. British TikToker Whitney Ainscough also faced backlash for spending more than $12,000 on presents for her three children, Adley, aged 2, Addison, 6, and Cora, 11. However, she later took to the video-sharing platform to tell her story.  

Pexels | Gary Spears
Christmas decorations (representational image) Pexels | Gary Spears

The Tiktoker, @itsmebadmom, said she was living on universal credit because of the ongoing cost of living crisis. Ainscough was receiving a monthly payout of under $1,521.06 every month to help support her family. However, after she started earning as an influencer she stopped claiming her benefits. She told The Sun that she spent over $12,000 on her kids' presents this year. "I am spoiling my kids because they deserve it. [...] I’ve saved my benefits. It’s been a hard year. We deserve posh presents. I told the kids they can have whatever they want," she said.

She then says, "Why not?" when it comes to spending her benefits on gifts for her kids, arguing she's legally entitled to the money after having worked as a chemist for many years, only stopping because the "wraparound childcare costs" after she had Adley became too expensive. She then says that she was the one who put the money in and therefore, she had all the rights to take it out. 

Best tiktok gifts Pexels | By Porapak Apichodilok
Best Christmas gifts (representational image) | Pexels | By Porapak Apichodilok

Ainscough said that her daughter had been looking for a bracelet all year and therefore, she got her a $1.5k solid gold bracelet and said that she feels that it's an investment. "She loves fancy things and she’s a good girl who is kind and polite." Her son, Addison wants a Meta Quest 3 VR headset. "He will be getting a new £330 ($420.17) Nintendo Switch OLED too, as well as designer trainers and clothes." Her youngest is getting a two-night stay at the Peppa Pig World. "It will be first class all the way,” she said. “I’ll probably get him an iPhone too."

She also told the publication that her partner, Joel Christopher, who is a painter said that he thinks she is bonkers for overspending on the children. However, as already mentioned, she simply thinks that it was high time her kids got what they wanted and she simply doesn't care what people think of her. "It’s honestly water off a duck’s back. I love my kids and I want them to have the best." 

Hannah revealing how she managed to give her kids the happiness wrapped in Christmas gifts|Pexels
The joy of receiving Christmas presents (representational image) | Pexels

One thing that parents should keep in mind is that getting them expensive gifts every year as Santa is not a great idea. Children who aren't privileged might wonder why Santa only got them socks and his privileged friend an iPad. The idea of giving gifts on this day stems from the simple concept of fostering empathy and joy. Christmas is about family time and warmer memories, not about the latest trendy things and gadgets. Having said that, there are always exceptions and everyone has their unique parenting style.