Meet the Scions Who Inherited Riches But Ended Up With Rags Owing to Financial Blunders

Sep 07, 2023

By: Sahib Preet Singh

Clarissa Dickson Wright

From renowned television personalities to heirs of industrial empires and royal scions, their lives were marked by opulence, extravagant spending, and unforeseen challenges. But inheritances that could have secured lifetimes of comfort and prosperity were inst...

Tori Spelling

Clarissa Dickson Wright, renowned for her later TV series "Two Fat Ladies," faced a significant turning point towards the end of the '70s. Following her mother's passing, she inherited a substantial sum of approximately $3.4 million, while ...

Maureen O'Conner

Tori Spelling, a renowned actress and one of the beneficiaries of her father Aaron Spelling's $600 million estate, faced financial challenges due to her extravagant lifestyle. Concerned about her spendthrift tendencies, her father decided to limit her inh...

Huntington Hartford II

Graham Roos