Potash prices

For the week ending January 5, the locations we discuss below saw positive momentum in prices for granular and standard potash.

Potash Prices Trend Upwards in the 1st Week of 2018

Weekly movements

For the week ending January 5, granular potash prices in the Cornbelt region of the US rose by as much as 2.7% to $242 per metric ton from $236 per metric ton in our previous update for the week ending December 15, 2017. Similarly, the granular potash prices in NOLA (New Orleans) rose by as much as 2.2% to $211 per metric ton from $207 per metric ton two weeks ago.

Similar to the above two locations, the granular potash prices in Brazil rose 1.8% to $281 per metric ton from $276 per metric ton in our previous update two weeks ago. Last week’s upward movement in Brazil broke its ten-week consecutive streak of sideways movement.

The standard potash prices also moved higher last week at the South East Asia location. Prices rose by 39 basis points to $260 per metric ton from $259 per metric ton two weeks ago.

Yearly movements

The potash fertilizer prices for both granular and standard grade were comfortably higher compared to the levels observed last year around the same week.

Prices for granular potash in Brazil rose by 16% from $238 per metric ton. Prices in NOLA rose by 8% year-over-year from $192 per metric ton. In the Cornbelt region, prices rose by 5% from $225 per metric ton.

Potash producers (MOO) (NANR) such as Nutrien (NTR), Mosaic (MOS), Intrepid Potash (IPI), and Israel Chemicals (ICL) will benefit from these rising prices.

Next, we will conclude our series by looking into fertilizer affordability.

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