Georgia Guidestones
Source: Wikimedia Commons

The six Georgia Guidestones

"America's Stonehenge" Known as the Georgia Guidestones Had to be Demolished — Here's Why

Robin Hill-Gray - Author

Jul. 8 2022, Published 4:29 p.m. ET

The Georgia Guidestones have recently been demolished after standing for decades. The demolition was not random, however. Authorities chose to demolish them because an unknown person attacked the installation. The Georgia Guidestones monument in Elbert County, Georgia was erected in 1980. The Guidestones were about 19 feet tall and consisted of six granite slabs. Here's what happened to the Georgia Guidestones.

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The stones were commissioned by a man named Robert C. Christian, who propositioned the Elberton Granite Company to create them. The original purpose of the stones was meant to be a clock or compass for Americans should they experience catastrophic events. Eight languages were on the stone: Hebrew, English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Arabic, Chinese, and Russian. The stones had become ground zero for many conspiracy theories. Ten principles were etched in the stones.

Georgia Guidestones
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Guidestones after bombing

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What happened to the georgia guidestones

Authorities are calling the vandalism of the monument "domestic terrorism" as it appears the Georgia Guidestones were blown up. Surveillance video shows a person setting up what appears to be an explosive device near the stones. On Wednesday July 6 at 4 a.m. the device went off, destroying a part of the structure.

After the City ordinance declared the structure was no longer stable, it was demolished. Per NBC News, the Northern Judicial Circuit Attorney Parks White said, "The destruction of a public building by explosive is inherently intended to influence the actions of the governing authority that owns the structure."

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If the assailant is caught, authorities plan to charge the individual with terrorism. White said, "The use of violence to sway or alter the behavior of any government agency is terrorism." The charge could lead to 20 years in prison.

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The Georgia Guidestones have been a center for conspiracies.

Right-wing InfoWars creator Alex Jones has talked about the stones, calling them proof that the global elite have evil plans for the world. Rep. Marjorie Greene Taylor hasn't been one to shy away from conspiracy theories. According to The Washington Post, Greene had an interview with Alex Jones where she said the stones represent population control. Amid the explosion, Greene recently said, "There is a war of good and evil going on, and people are done with globalism."

Kandiss Taylor, who lost to incumbent Brian Kemp, said she would destroy it if she was elected. She claimed the stones were satanic and a representative of a "Luciferian Cabal." A quick search of photos of the stones shows they have been graffitied with phrases saying:

  • "Infowars"
  • "We are worshipping the creation and not the creator, we are fools."
  • "God is a superstition."

One of the stones even had an upside-down pentagram on it.

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People on Twitter have their own ideas about the stones being blown up. Its unclear how many stones were destroyed by the initial explosion as sources say one and some say two. On Twitter, a person tweeted a picture where it appears that two stones were demolished. The page figured out that the stones that fell were the ones written in Russian and Chinese. The tweet insinuated that this means the next two countries to "fall" are Russia and China.

However, some people in the comments believe the page got it wrong and that the stones that fell were the inscribed in Hindi and Swahili. Someone else commented, "C'mon, who owns pharmaceuticals, prints money, Hollywood internet..." Now that the stones have been completely demolished for safety reasons, it is unclear if they will be rebuilt.


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