Adam Rich
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Former Child Star Adam Rich Was Open About His Struggles With Addiction and Depression

Kathryn Underwood - Author

Jan. 9 2023, Published 11:10 a.m. ET

Adam Rich, the former child television actor from the sitcom Eight Is Enough, died at his home on Jan. 7, 2023. He had charmed American audiences by playing the youngest brother Nicholas on the series about a widowed father of eight children. What happened to Adam Rich since his famous childhood, and how much was Adam Rich's net worth?

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The boys who got Rich's signature bowl haircut in the 1970s and 1980s were often said to be inspired by the character Nick Bradford's look on Eight Is Enough. Rich went on to appear in a number of other TV shows, though none with the star power of that first TV sitcom.

adam rich
Source: Adam Rich Facebook

A 2021 photo Rich shared on his Facebook profile.

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Adam Rich


Net worth: $500,000

Adam Rich's life followed the trajectory that is similar to many child actors in the United States. He had a coveted role in the sitcom 'Eight Is Enough' playing the youngest brother in the Bradford family for all five seasons of the show. Following the wrap of that show, Rich never found quite the same level of success in acting, struggled with drug addiction and depression, and was arrested a number of times. He died on Jan. 7, 2023.

Birthdate: October 12, 1968

Birthplace: Brooklyn, N.Y.

Education: Did not finish high school

Spouse: Unmarried

How did Adam Rich become famous?

Rich experienced success at a young age, beginning his role on Eight Is Enough at eight years old. The show ran for five seasons, and Rich became synonymous for his haircut and his "little brother" status. He had one brother and was raised by Jewish parents in Los Angeles.

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Eight Is Enough was Rich's longest-running television role. He then was in Code Red briefly in 1981, followed by Gun Shy in 1983. Some of the other guest TV appearances he made were on shows including:

  • The Love Boat
  • CHiPs
  • Fantasy Island
  • The Six Million Dollar Man
  • St. Elsewhere
  • Baywatch
devil and max
Source: Facebook

Elliott Gould and Adam Rich in 'The Devil and Max Devlin' in 1981.

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Rich's filmography was limited to The City, The Devil and Max Devlin, and Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star, as well as two Eight Is Enough TV films.

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What happened to Adam Rich?

Rich led a troubled life not unlike many other child stars. He faced a number of drug and alcohol issues and legal issues. As AP News reported, he was arrested in April 1991 after an attempted pharmacy break-in, then in October 1991 for stealing a drug-filled syringe. He was arrested in 2002 for driving under the influence (he had almost struck a parked California Highway Patrol cruiser).

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As an adult, Rich shared openly about his mental health struggles, including depression and his multiple stints in drug and alcohol rehab treatment. In September 2022, he posted on Twitter, "Human beings weren't meant to endure mental illness." In December, after tWitch Boss died by suicide, he voiced support for those facing mental illness again.

Source: Adam Rich Twitter

In December, Rich again tweeted about mental illness after the death of tWitch Boss by suicide.

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adam rich death hoax
Source: Adam Rich Facebook

The 1996 article about Adam Rich's faked death.

Adam Rich was part of a death hoax about himself.

Although this time his death is confirmed true, Rich participated in the 1996 media hoax claiming that he had died. San Francisco-based magazine Might published a tribute to Rich after his supposed death.

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Rich told the media later that it was a joke, intended to mock America's celebrity obsession. He told the Chicago Tribune, "People were not getting the joke. I don't want to be dead."

Was Adam Rich a typical rich celebrity?

Although Rich enjoyed several years of fame on Eight Is Enough, his acting career didn't bring him immense wealth, as his net worth was estimated at only half a million dollars upon his death. He didn't publicly flaunt any expensive cars, homes, or artwork as part of his assets, either. His Facebook page is crowded primarily with dog photos and commentary on current events.


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