These 7 Jobs Are Your Best Bets as a Pisces

What are the best jobs for Pisces? Your zodiac sign can indicate your top skills and qualities. Knowing your sign may help you choose the best career.

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Mar. 17 2023, Published 10:20 p.m. ET

An artist is a good career choice for a Pisces
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If you fit the creative, sensitive, and artistic stereotypes, it could be partially due to the date you were born. Those born during the Pisces season are often found to be emotional and compassionate, which could lead them into creative types of careers. So, what are some of the best jobs for Pisces? Let's take a look at this zodiac sign.

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According to InStyle magazine, "The Pisces in your life are some of the most magical people you'll ever come in contact with." Whether you believe your qualities literally stem from your birthdate or some other combination of factors, if you're a Pisces and share the most common personality traits with them, these are some of the jobs that might be the most fulfilling.

Zodiac signs
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When is Pisces season?

Pisces is the 12th sign of the astrological zodiac, and it's generally considered to fall between Feb. 19 and March 20 every year. The symbol of this sign is the Fish. It's usually depicted as two fish linked together to represent Aphrodite and Eros, who jumped into a river and changed into fish to escape a monster, or they represent the two fish carrying the gods to safety.

A Pisces (or Piscean) is someone born between Feb. 19 and March 20, although the exact dates may vary somewhat year to year based on the sun's movements.

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What are the best jobs for Pisceans?

Market Realist interviewed astrologer and author Lisa Stardust to get her take on Pisces traits and which careers would best suit them. Stardust confirmed that Pisceans tend to be "imaginative, dreamy, sensitive, and artistic." She noted that "They are hard workers — but only if they love what they do and are inspired."

priscilla du preez fdfujoseu unsplash
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Pisces can do well in empathetic careers like as a therapist.

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Pisceans might be ideal candidates for these jobs that are focused on healing or creativity:

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Healing professions, like doctor or nurse, could be good for a Pisces.
Source: Unsplash/Accuray
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What are some other characteristics of Pisces that impact their work?

As Stardust explained, "Pisces aren’t ones to adhere to boundaries, so they may not understand how to behave in the confines of a work structure." Based on this, she recommended that Pisceans avoid 9–5 jobs that don't allow them freedom. Jobs with remote flexibility would be most appropriate for a Pisces.

Actor Rebel Wilson is a Pisces
Source: Rebel Wilson FB
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These celebrities were born in the Pisces season.

Given the creative and artistic qualities of Pisces, it might not be a surprise that the following celebrities were born during the Pisces season of Feb. 19 through March 20.

  1. Millie Bobby Brown – Feb. 19, 2004
  2. Rihanna – Feb. 20, 1988
  3. Drew Barrymore – Feb. 22, 1975
  4. Emily Blunt – Feb. 23, 1983
  5. Dakota Fanning – Feb. 23, 1994
  6. Rashida Jones – Feb. 25, 1976
  7. Justin Bieber – March 1, 1994
  8. Rebel Wilson – March 2, 1980
  9. Jessica Biel – March 3, 1982
  10. Camila Cabello – March 3, 1997

If you're a Pisces, consider which of the common Pisces traits apply to you and how they might help you find the best job or career. As Stardust explains, "They need to have a career that applies their attributes towards what they do. If not they won’t be happy."

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