Pfizer’s Market Cap and Shareholding Pattern




As we discussed earlier, Pfizer’s (PFE) product portfolio is classified into two segments—the Innovative Health segment and the Essential Health segment. In this part, we’ll discuss Pfizer’s market capitalization and shareholding pattern.

The above chart compares Pfizer’s market capitalization with its peers.

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Market capitalization

The market capitalization for Pfizer stock is ~$261.3 billion on October 18. Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), Merck (MRK), and Eli Lilly (LLY) have market capitalizations of ~$374.1 billion, ~$191.0 billion, and ~$122.0 billion, respectively, on October 18.

Shareholding pattern

Pfizer’s total shares outstanding are ~5.862 billion. There are ~5.859 billion free-floating shares, which account for nearly 99.95% of the total outstanding shares. The institutions hold ~72.90% of the total shares, while strategic entities own ~0.05% of the total shares.

According to the latest filing, the Vanguard Group is Pfizer’s largest shareholder. The Vanguard Group holds ~435.2 million shares, which was nearly 7.4% of the total shares as of June 30.

State Street Global Advisors is Pfizer’s second-largest shareholder. State Street Global Advisors holds ~287.9 million shares, which was nearly 4.9% of the total shares as of June 30.

BlackRock Institutional Trust Company holds ~266.7 million shares, which was 4.5% of the total shares as of June 30.

J.P. Morgan Asset Management holds ~75.2 million shares, which was nearly 1.3% of the total shares as of June 30.

The top ten shareholders hold nearly 25.13% of Pfizer’s total outstanding shares.

Notably, the iShares US Healthcare ETF (IYH) has 6.7% of its total investments in Pfizer, 2.8% in Eli Lilly, 9.5% in Johnson & Johnson, and 4.9% in Merck.


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