PG&E: Challenging Times Continue for Investors

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Part 4
PG&E: Challenging Times Continue for Investors PART 4 OF 4

Analysts’ Views on PG&E Stock Changed Recently

Analysts’ target price

According to Wall Street analysts, PG&E (PCG) stock has a mean target price of $65.85—compared to its current market price of $55.83. It indicates an implied gain of ~18% going forward.

Among the 14 analysts covering PG&E, one analyst rated the stock as a “strong buy,” while seven recommended it as a “buy.” Six analysts recommended it as a “hold.” None of the analysts rated PG&E stock as a “sell” as of November 9, 2017.

Analysts’ Views on PG&#038;E Stock Changed Recently

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Peers’ target prices

Edison International (EIX) stock has an estimated gain of 5% from its current price levels of $80.2. Analysts gave it a mean target price of $84.2.

Sempra Energy (SRE) has a mean target price of $124.7—compared to its current market price of $121.0. It indicates a potential gain of 3% going forward.

You can read more about top utilities’ (IDU) target prices in Top Utilities’ Target Prices and Analysts’ Views.


There’s still huge uncertainty about PG&E’s involvement in the California wildfires. In the state probe, it will take months to file a report and determine what caused the wildfires. Until then, aggressive investors could consider the stock’s fall as an opportunity to enter considering PG&E’s current valuation.

PG&E is one of the Wall Street analysts’ favorite stocks among the S&P 500 Utilities ETF (XLU) based on the “buy” ratings. To learn more, read Analysts’ Top 5 Favorite S&P 500 Utilities Stocks.


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