Adventure Gold (AGLD) Crypto Price Prediction: Might Go Sky High

Will Adventure Gold crypto go sky high? Where has AGLD been and what could come for the crypto moving forward? Let's discuss Adventure Gold's crypto price prediction.

Rachel Curry - Author

Feb. 2 2022, Published 12:48 p.m. ET

Like many alternative assets, the Adventure Gold (AGLD) crypto token has had its ups and downs. Will AGLD rise moving forward? What's Adventure Gold's crypto price prediction?

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Here’s a rundown of AGLD as an Ethereum-based token. Let's see what investors can expect from the token in the near future.

AGLD is an ERC20 token.

Adventure Gold trades on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 token. The ERC20 standard allows non-native tokens to create and issue smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. This means that crypto inventors can use ERC20 tokens to tokenize assets. For example, the assets might be collectibles or NFTs.

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AGLD tokens relate to Loot NFTs. A buyer can purchase a Loot Project NFT with 8,000 AGLD tokens. This gets you a Loot Bag full of “adventurer gear” that you can use any way you want. The Loot metaverse game hasn't been released yet, so the AGLD-purchased gear remains speculative.

AGLD's price has been volatile historically.

As of mid-day on Feb. 2, AGLD is trading at the equivalent of $1.58 per token. The Coinbase-listed token has gained more than 42 percent of value in the last 24 hours, which is consistent with the overall crypto market’s gains during the same period. AGLD is down 13.19 percent in the last month, but its value has increased by more than 337 percent since the token’s initial release in September 2021.

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Within the first week of trading, AGLD went from $0.36 to $5.04 per token. The value decreased dramatically over the next few months (going as low as $0.80) but AGLD is seeing an influx in investor interest this week. Adventure Gold’s 24-hour trading volume is up 413.86 percent.

How is AGLD tied to NFTs?

Since Adventure Gold crypto is tied directly to NFTs, its performance is dependent on the NFT market. NFT values have wavered over the winter as interest waned, but the market is largely recuperating.

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What’s next for AGLD?

Experts have varied opinions about the future price of the AGLD token. For example, WalletInvestor says that the crypto will plummet to just over $0.11 in one year. With the latest boost to value, PricePrediction says that AGLD will hit $2.93 per token at the same time, while Digitalcoin says that it will be at $2.74.

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The average of all of these predictions is about $1.93, which is still a premium to the token’s current value of $1.58. However, they don’t consider one key thing. When will the Loot NFT game fully launch? Until then, Adventure Gold’s biggest use case is a moot point because the NFTs that investors purchase with AGLD are useless.

At this point, 87 percent of all AGLD trading activity is a buy. Future volatility is expected and any traders who want to get in on Adventure Gold might want to consider waiting out the current pump until the next dip to capitalize on longer-term gains. The average AGLD hold is seven days, but that could change if (or when) the Loot game materializes.


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