Viral TikTok Reveals Walmart's Egg Prices Doubled in Under Three Months

A viral TikTok video revealed Walmart doubled the price of its eggs within a three-month span. Why are eggs so expensive and when will prices drop?

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Dec. 27 2022, Published 12:42 p.m. ET

Food prices have climbed at alarming rates in 2022, which caused many people to have to forgo certain items or buy a smaller supply of them. Between January and December, store-bought eggs have firmly held the number one spot when it comes to the supermarket item with the largest price increase. Egg prices have risen more than 30 percent compared to last year, according to The Wall Street Journal.

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If you’ve found yourself stopping to question the price of eggs before you submit an online order or place them in your cart, we guarantee you aren’t alone. A viral TikTok video uploaded by Nikki Adams (@nikkis_garden_adventure) revealed that Walmart nearly doubled the price of its eggs in just three months. Why are eggs so expensive now?

In under three months, TikToker says Walmart doubled the price of its eggs.

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It isn't a secret that egg prices are extremely high right now, and only seem to be continuing on an upward trend. But just how much have they increased by? According to Adams, eggs have doubled in price.

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In her TikTok video, Adams says that in September, she was able to purchase Walmart’s Great Value large white eggs (60 count) for $10.56. Fast forward to the end of December and that same pack of eggs is now sitting on store shelves with a ticket price of $20.22.

Aside from shedding light on just how expensive eggs have gotten, Adams’ video also seems to question whether Walmart is price gouging given the significant jump in price.

The video has already collected 839,000 views and over 2,000 comments many of which voiced the same concerns Adams had. One TikToker wrote, “I’m a baker, I used to get those same eggs for less than $5. It’s utterly ridiculous how much everything is now.” Another commented, “I remember when our parents joked about candy being 25 cents, I definitely understand now.”

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Why are egg prices so high?

While many of the price increases on food and services can be attributed to inflation. Egg prices have steadily risen due to the growing demand for them. Eggs fell into the “high demand” category after an avian-influenza outbreak wiped out millions of birds across the U.S. this year, reported The Wall Street Journal.

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In fact, over “40 million egg-laying chickens died in the current outbreak.” Although eggs don’t seem to be in short supply at the moment, the historic outbreak has impacted farmers and retailers and driven egg prices up.

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When will egg prices start going down?

Egg prices are at an all-time high right now, and many are choosing to go without the staple product rather than spend the money. The good news is that egg prices will reportedly start coming down in the next few months. According to Bill Lapp, who is the president of Advanced Economic Solutions, high egg prices “could last into the first quarter of 2023,” CNBC cited.

However, others are suggesting consumers might start getting some relief by February or March.

What stores have the cheapest eggs?

Kroger Grade A large eggs
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While the price of eggs does vary by location, here’s a general idea of how much you’ll pay for eggs at multiple retailers.

  • Target's Good & Gather Grade A large eggs – 12 count, $2.99
  • Walmart's Great Value large white eggs – 12 count, $5.17
  • Kroger's large white eggs – 12 count, $4.29
  • Aldi's Goldhen Grade A large eggs – 12 count, $4.29

As you can see, Target is the cheapest place to buy eggs, although Kroger and Aldi are offering more competitive pricing compared to Walmart.


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