8 Nov

Get Real: Scandal and Opportunity in the Market

WRITTEN BY Grace Nightingale

In today’s Get Real, we saw that Twitter is dealing with a scandal and Airbus seems to be making the most of the Boeing crisis. Plus, Canopy Growth has a new partner.


Canopy Growth and Drake

Recently, Canopy Growth (CGC) partnered with Drake, a Canadian rapper, to launch the More Life Growth Company. Canopy Growth is known for pairing up with celebrities, but will this alliance support the company’s revenues?

Baidu’s strong quarter

Chinese tech company Baidu had a strong third-quarter earnings release. The company plans to expand its cloud computing business segment.

Twitter: Saudi scandal

Twitter (TWTR) stock has fallen due to allegations that it spied on users on behalf of the Saudi government. As a result, the company might be more transparent with its user data security.

Aurora Cannabis stock letdown

Aurora Cannabis (ACB) hasn’t been having an impressive year and its stock has fallen. Analysts reduced the consensus target price this month.

The markets love BP

Integrated energy stocks including BP (BP), Shell, ExxonMobil, and Chevron have been rising lately. BP has become the favorite of the bunch due to its overperformance in the market.

What to watch for

AT&T’s outlook for 2020

AT&T (T) CEO Randall Stephenson shared that the company expects consolidated revenue growth next year. The 5G smartphone launch and wireless release revenues will likely be key drivers.

Can Tesla pull off a pickup?

Tesla (TSLA) CEO Elon Musk tweeted about unveiling the company’s electric pickup truck, also referred to as the “Cybertruck.” Other companies are quickly crowding the electric pickup space with bold plans.

Airbus could be leveraging the Boeing fallout

Airbus is expanding its Chinese aircraft production capacity while leveraging the Boeing 737 MAX fallout. Boeing (BA) is still struggling to get its planes off the ground.

Netflix CEO will subscribe to Disney+

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings announced that he will be subscribing to Disney+ when it launches this month. He thinks that Netflix (NFLX) can learn from Disney despite their fierce competition in the streaming world.

Aramco and Apple: Who will end up on top?

Saudi Arabia’s Aramco is the most profitable company globally. The company’s IPO is set to be released tomorrow. Aramco will likely surpass Apple (AAPL), but there are significant complications with the projection.

Get Real: Scandal and Opportunity in the Market

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