MAP Phosphate Fertilizer Reached New High Last Week



MAP prices

MAP (monoammonium phosphate) prices last week rose to a new high, similar to DAP (diammonium phosphate) prices. These prices confirm a strong momentum for fertilizer stocks such as Mosiac (MOS), Nutrien (NTR), and Israel Chemicals (ICL).

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Weekly movements

Last week, MAP prices in Brazil rose 44 basis points to $456 per metric ton, from $454 per metric ton the previous week, which ended August 17. MAP prices in the NOLA (New Orleans) region of the United States rose 72 basis points to $422 per metric ton, from $419 per metric ton the previous week.

MAP prices at both these locations hit new highs last week compared to levels since January 2016. While higher prices certainly benefit the top lines of fertilizer companies (MOO), it needs to be balanced so it doesn’t pressure affordability or trigger competition to increase production while taking advantage of higher prices.

Yearly movements

Year-over-year, MAP prices at both Brazil and NOLA remained significantly higher. For example, in Brazil, prices were up 33%, from $344 per metric ton. In NOLA, prices were up 30% year-over-year from $325 per metric ton.

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