Analysts’ Estimates and Recommendations for Pfizer



Analysts’ estimates

Analysts expect Pfizer (PFE) to see adjusted EPS of $0.74 in Q2 2018. They expect its revenue to grow 3% YoY (year-over-year) to $13.3 billion from $12.9 billion, and its adjusted net income to grow 9.5% YoY, mainly due to lower SG&A (selling, general, and administration) and R&D (research and development) expenses. The chart below shows analysts’ recommendations for Pfizer stock over the last 12 months.

Analysts’ ratings

Pfizer stock has risen ~7.1% over the last 12 months and 0.2% so far this year. Analysts’ 12-month target price of $39.86 suggests a ~9.8% return over the next 12 months based on the stock’s June 21 price of $36.30.

Analysts’ recommendations

Of the 22 analysts tracking Pfizer on June 22, two recommended “strong buy,” ten recommended “buy,” eight recommended “hold,” and two recommended “strong sell.” Their consensus rating of 2.6 represents a moderate “buy” for value investors.

The Vanguard Health Care ETF (VHT) invests 5.6% of its holdings in Pfizer, 4.2% in Merck (MRK), 8.4% in Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), and 2.3% in Gilead Sciences (GILD).

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