Analyst Recommendations for TMO Stock after 1Q18 Earnings Release



Analyst recommendations

As of April 25 and according to a recent Reuters survey of 16 research firms, TMO stock is rated a “strong buy” by eight analysts. Seven of them have given it a “buy” recommendation, and one has given it a “hold.” There were no “sell” ratings.

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Target price

As of April 25, TMO stock has a consensus 12-month target price of $245.47. That represents a 12-month investment return potential of ~14.5%. The stock closed at $213.17 on April 24.

On April 25, analysts’ consensus 12-month target prices for peers Agilent Technologies (A), Abbott Laboratories (ABT), and Boston Scientific (BSX) were $79.93, $68.56, and $32.54, respectively. That’s a potential investment return of ~21.5%, ~16.9%, and ~10.6%, respectively, over the next 12 months.

Recommendation updates and revisions

On April 25, triggered by Thermo Fisher Scientific’s strong 1Q18 results that day, Evercore ISI raised its target price on TMO stock from $239 to $240. On April 3, Evercore had cut its target price from $244 to $239. On April 2, Morgan Stanley raised its price target for the stock from $227 to $228.

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