What Are Wall Street Analysts Saying about AIG?



Analysts’ ratings on AIG

American International Group (AIG) is tracked by 18 analysts in February 2018. Six analysts suggested a “strong buy,” one gave a “sell” rating, and seven recommended a “hold” on the stock. Four analysts suggested a “buy” on the stock, and there were no “strong sell” recommendations for AIG.

Of the 20 analysts that tracked AIG in January 2018, seven suggested a “strong buy,” and one rated the stock as a “sell.” Nine analysts recommended a “hold,” and the remaining three rated the stock as a “buy.”

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AIG’s competitors

Among AIG’s competitors (XLF), Hartford Financial Services (HIG) is covered by 17 analysts in February 2018. Four analysts suggested a “strong buy” and ten suggested a “hold” on the stock. Three analysts recommended a “buy” on HIG, and no analysts gave “strong sell” or “sell” ratings.

HIG was analyzed by 18 analysts in January 2018, of which five suggested a “strong buy” and ten rated HIG as a “hold.” Finally, the stock attracted three “buy” ratings. Of 18 analysts that covered HIG in December 2017, 11 analysts rated it as a “hold,” four suggested a “strong buy,” and three analysts suggested a “buy.”

RenaissanceRe Holdings Limited (RNR) is tracked by 12 analysts in February 2018, of which nine gave “hold” ratings, and one has suggested a “strong sell” position on the stock. The remaining two analysts gave “buy” ratings on RNR.

Five analysts are covering Aspen Insurance Holdings Limited (AHL) in February 2018. One gave a “buy” rating, and four analysts suggested a “hold” on the stock.


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