Where Do Analyst Ratings for SU, TOT, E, and PBR Stand?



Analyst ratings for SU, TOT, E, and PBR

Foreign integrated energy firms Total (TOT), Suncor Energy (SU), ENI (E), and Petrobras (PBR) have been rated by a total of six, 12, two, and 16 analysts, respectively. Of these, 17%, 92%, 100%, and 50% of analysts rated Total, Suncor, ENI, and Petrobras as a “buy,” respectively. Although ENI received 100% “buy” ratings, only a couple of analysts rated the stock.

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Integrated energy firms’ “hold” and “sell” ratings

TOT has the highest number of “hold” ratings among the four stocks discussed here. For TOT, 83% of analysts gave “hold” ratings. Also, PBR received 13% “sell” ratings.

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