Cisco's Fiscal 1Q18 Earnings Beat Analyst Estimates

The US-based (SPY) tech (QQQ) heavyweight Cisco (CSCO) announced its fiscal 1Q18 results on November 15 and reported revenue of $12.1 billion.

Walmart Stock Soared 10.9% on Stellar 3Q Results

Walmart (WMT) stock rose 10.9% to $99.62 after the company reported better-than-expected fiscal 3Q18 results on Thursday, November 16, 2017. Several analysts raised their price targets on the stock.

Home Depot Raised 2017 Guidance after Strong 3Q17 Earnings

Home Depot (HD) posted adjusted EPS of $1.87 on revenues of $25.0 billion. Compared to 3Q16, the company’s EPS rose 16.9%, while revenues rose 8.1%.

Pre-Market Report: Global Markets Are Mixed on November 17

On November 17, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 0.48% and closed the day at 3,382.91. The SPDR S&P China (GXC) rose 1.8% on November 16.


Harnessing Uncertainty: Five Opportunities in the Core Bond Market

This is an exciting time to be an investor, but it’s also a very uncertain one. Risks to both the upside and downside are much higher than they were even…

Investor Insight: Key Macro Economic Developments

The US FOMC left rates unchanged after the November 2017 meeting, as expected, setting the stage for a potential rate hike in December.

Did Green Bonds Issuance Cross 2016 Levels?

Green bonds carry the same risk-return profile as conventional bonds. However, these bonds fund projects focused on energy efficiency, clean water, transportation, biodiversity, and sustainable waste management.

Fed Chair Janet Yellen: A Question for the Future

It has been almost a decade since the onset of the worst financial crisis after the Great Depression, and the US Fed has embarked on a monetary path it has never taken before.

Raphael Bostic: Lessons from Unconventional Monetary Policy

Atlanta Federal Reserve president and CEO, Raphael Bostic, recently spoke at a conference about the Fed’s balance sheet normalization program.

Muni Bonds’ Role in Providing Quality Returns to a Portfolio

In this series, we will shed light on Moody’s recent data report, US Municipal Bond Defaults and Recoveries, 1970–2016. Muni bond prices sparked in 2016, especially when President Trump announced his infrastructure spending plans.

Cybersecurity and Municipal Bonds

We are all potentially at risk of cyberattack – directly or indirectly. When it comes to municipalities, this may not always be obvious to the average state or city taxpayer.

How Key Risks to Markets This Month Have Subsided

The key reason for the debt ceiling deal was to approve aid to Hurricane Harvey victims. A US government shutdown could have adversely impacted relief operations.

An Overview of the Key Risks to Markets in September

August was a volatile month, filled with economic, political, and geopolitical uncertainty. September could turn out to be another nail-biter for the financial markets.

What Surprises Could Be in Store for the Markets This Week?

For the week ended September 1, 2017, volatility in the global markets fell considerably.

The Fed’s Dilemma and What You Should Know about It

The Federal Reserve will meet again on September 19. Fed members will be faced with tightening the monetary policy further or giving a dovish statement seeking more time.

Geopolitical Risks Rose Again: How Did Markets React this Time?

Expectations for a lower level of volatility in the last week of summer were shattered as North Korea fired another missile on Tuesday morning.

Market Behavior: What to Expect in the Last Week of Summer

Volatility in the global markets fell considerably in the previous week. The key risks subsided that spiked risk aversion in the last few weeks.

How Trump's Government Shutdown Threat Could Affect Markets

In this series, we’ll discuss the looming US debt crisis, how the US debt has ballooned so much, and the impact of a debt crisis on equities (VTI), the US dollar (UUP), and fixed income (HYG) markets.

What Can We Expect from Jackson Hole in 2017?

During this three-day symposium, any surprise comments from heavyweight participants could have a major impact on bond, currency, and equity markets.

Risks to Bond Markets: What You Really Need to Know

Since the beginning of the global financial recession, bond markets have remained subdued as interest rates in major economies remained close to zero.

Bond Ladders May Not be the Best Investment Strategy

For investors seeking income from municipal bond exposure, one of the most popular investment strategies employed by individual investors has been one of the least successful strategies—the bond ladder. It’s…

Alan Greenspan: This Bubble Is Going to Burst First

Alan Greenspan believes that interest rates in the United States and globally are too low and might have to be increased too quickly in the future.

Last Week Was Dominated by Earnings and Non-Farm Payrolls

The VIX Index (VXX) fell to the lowest level ever recorded this week. The VIX Index (UVXY) recorded a lifetime low of 8.84 in the first part of the week.

The Federal Open Market Committee Takes a Step Back in July

In its July meeting, the Federal Open Market Committee decided to maintain its target range for the federal funds rate at 1%–1.25%, in line with the market’s expectations.


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