Why speculation around upcoming events is driving crude prices

Crude oil inventory levels change based on demand and supply trends. Demand is primarily from refineries that process this crude into refined products.

The non-alcoholic beverage industry broadly includes soft drinks and hot drinks. In the US, soft drinks, or liquid refreshment beverages, lead food and beverage retail sales. In this series, we’ll focus on the soft drinks market.

Sector ETF Analysis

Energy and Power

How winter expectations are driving natural gas prices
P1 - NG Inventories

Natural gas consumption in the US is very seasonal. Consumption is highest in the winter when heating demands are at their highest.


DryShips, Inc. in 3Q14: Offshore business drives strong earnings
First article

As of November 1, 2014, DryShips owned a 59.3% stake in Ocean Rig UDW Inc., which has an attractive portfolio of modern drilling units. Ocean Rig UDW Inc. is paying a quarterly cash dividend of $0.19 per common share.

Tech, Media, and Telecom

Must-know: A business overview of Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments (TXN) was founded in 1941. It’s headquartered in Dallas. TXN is known for designing and manufacturing semiconductors. It has operations in ~35 countries.

Real Estate

D.R. Horton's reports strong revenues in 4Q 2014
DHI Main Street Stars

One of the company’s big promotions is the Main Street Stars program. Through this program, D.R. Horton offers special incentives or options on new homes to people who operate in some sort of public service capacity.

Basic Materials

Why investors should understand Alcoa's transformation
share mrkets

Alcoa (AA) is the largest aluminum company in the US. It’s among the top three aluminum producers globally. The company was founded in 1888.

Consumer and Retail

Why most key restaurant industry indicators are on the upswing
Indi Nov US Gross Domestic Product 2014-11-15

This restaurant industry does well when the economy is expanding and poorly when the economy is contracting. In other words, it’s cyclical.


An investor’s guide to unconstrained bond funds
Part 1

Investor interest in these funds is strong. Unconstrained bond funds offer options for managing fixed income risks, without being shackled by index constraints.


Community Health Systems: A must-read company overview
Graph 2

Community Health Systems (CYH) has grown its hospital count rapidly in the last three decades. Today, it has the largest hospital network in the US.

Macro ETF Analysis

Global Equity ETFs

4 market risks you should pay attention to right now
The S&P 500 has performed excedingly well in the last three years 2014-11-17

“What worries you the most?” “What keeps you up at night?” I get these questions a lot from investors looking for insight into what might cause the next market correction.

Fixed Income ETFs

How long will low interest rates and the search for yield last?
Treasury bond yields are on the lower side 2014-11-18

Stubbornly low yields have made income tough to come by in recent years, and they have sent investors searching for yield and income wherever they can find it.

US Equity ETFs

Will the end of easy money in the US mean more stimulus elsewhere?
earnings reportcard

Stocks advanced again last week, driven by an improving economic picture and an encouraging earnings season by U.S. companies. But a stronger economy comes with a flip side: less need for monetary stimulus.

Commodity ETFs

Important gold indicators that you should watch closely

Gold isn’t a traditional consumable, which impacts its supply dynamics. Gold’s price depends on the valuation of assets like equities, bonds, and real estate.

Income ETF Analysis

Real Estate Investment Trusts

Key Consumption and Sentiment Indicators
Retail Sales

Consumer spending indirectly drives mall REITs. More spending drives more stores and lowers vacancy rates.

Master Limited Partnerships

Must-know: A guide to Enterprise Products' 3Q14 earnings
EPD Asset Map

EPD is a leading midstream service provider in the natural gas, natural gas liquids (or NGLs), crude oil, petrochemicals, and refined products sectors.