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How wage inflation in China supports Baidu over Google and Yandex

Wages in China are simply growing much faster than the overall economy, which fuels inflation and real estate bubbles when banks are willing lenders.

Although Google’s revenues of $15.4 billion were almost in line with Wall Street expectations of $15.5. billion, the EPS of $6.27 per share were below analysts’ expectation of $6.41 per share.

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US rig counts rise: Oil rigs pass 1,500 while gas rigs drop again
2014.03.31 - US Total Rig Count

The US drilling rig count increased by 13, from 1,818 to 1,831 during the week ended April 11, as Baker Hughes Inc. reported. While oil rigs increased by 19, gas rigs saw another decline, by 9.

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Why we're seeing mixed signals for dry bulk shippers like Navios
Dry Bulk Shippers and Broad Market

As the Guggenheim Shipping ETF (SEA) and dry bulk shipping companies trade on the public stock market, day-to-day movements in share prices are also subject to market psychology.

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Why inflation remains tame, while interest rates will stay low
Consumer Price Index

The Fed would really like to create inflation, provided it results in increased wages. If wages don’t cooperate, the Fed may end up making matters worse.

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Why investors should consider municipal bonds despite Puerto Rico
Part 1.1

The municipal bond (RVNU) market’s debt outstanding on December 31, 2013, stood at ~$3.7 trillion, making up about 9.2% of the total outstanding debt in the U.S.

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The Fed's James Bullard weighs in on the monetary policy debate
Real GDP

James Bullard, President and CEO of Federal Bank of St. Louis, discussed a paper by Dr. Kevin Sheedy at an event organized by the Brookings Institute in Washington DC.

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How will the Fed taper affect small cap value?
Small Cap Value Versus Growth Total Return

Since March, value is coming back with a vengeance in large, mid, and small cap stocks, with value outperforming growth by approximately 5.25%, 5.0%, and 4.25%, respectively.

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Energy commodities like oil and natural gas had a bullish week
2014.04.12-WTI Crude Prices SR

WTI crude oil traded higher on the week, with support coming from geopolitical tensions in Russia, Ukraine, and Libya as well as low gasoline inventories.

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March review: The must-know key industrial data points
Capacity Utilization

Things are finally starting to improve with construction jobs on the rebound and more companies starting to move toward onshore production.

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An investor's guide to investing in important MLP ETFs
All ETF Returns

One alternative to investing in MLPs directly is to invest in MLP exchange-traded funds (or ETFs). An ETF can hold many different asset classes.