Everything you need to know about Cheniere Energy

Cheniere Energy, Inc., is a Houston-based energy company engaged in the liquefied natural gas business.The Sabina liquefaction project is currently the only project in North America with the necessary government permits to export liquefied natural gas.

During fatal disease outbreaks, rules and restrictions are imposed—especially on air transportation. This includes canceling flights to the affected areas.

Sector ETF Analysis

Energy & Power

Must-know: The latest EIA inventory report doesn't offer a break
crude prices

The week started off with West Texas Intermediate (or WTI) prices falling into a bear market. A bear market has more than a 20% drop.


Must-know: Crude tanker indicators in September
Crude tanker stocks

U.S. imports are an important indicator. U.S. imports have been changing the entire industry’s dynamics. They’ve become a crude oil net exporter.

Tech, Media & Telecom

Must-know: Micron Technology by the numbers
semiconductor shares

According to information technology research company Gartner, Micron held tenth position in the worldwide semiconductor market in 2012.

Real Estate

Must-read: Index outlooks for manufacturing and services

Homebuilders are especially cyclical and so will line up with manufacturing activity. Even some of the commercial real estate investment trusts will correlate with this activity.

Basic Materials

Barrick Gold: Overview of the world’s largest gold mining company
Gold reserves

The company has operating mines and projects in Canada, the U.S., the Dominican Republic, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Zambia, Saudi Arabia, and Tanzania. Its products are sold in the world market.

Consumer & Retail

Must-know: Key restaurant indicators
GDP vs Retail Food Service Sale vs Grocery Sales 2014-10-16

The restaurant industry is a part of the Consumer Discretionary sector. This sector does well when the economy is expanding. It doesn’t do well when the economy is contracting.


Why Wall Street’s biggest banks are entering the ETF space
US ETF market share (2013)

The U.S. market dominates the global ETF space, with ~72% of global ETF assets. The dominant ETF issuers in U.S. include BlackRock (BLK), State Street Corp. (STT), and Vanguard.

Macro ETF Analysis

Global Equity ETFs

Chronicles: Our financial markets are addicted to a dangerous drug
G4 Central Bank Balance Sheets

The global markets are high—they’re addicted to a dangerous drug. This drug has created a false sense of calm and has removed all inhibitions for policymakers, corporations, and investors.

Fixed Income ETFs

Must-know: High-yield bonds in the week ending October 10
Part 1

High-yield bonds—or junk bonds—are rated BB+ or below. Junk bonds are more vulnerable to economic cycles. They’re higher risk securities, but they also offer higher yields.

U.S. Equity ETFs

5 things for every investor's to-do list as 2014 draws to a close
equity markets last quarter

Now that the fourth quarter is here, it’s time to assess your investment portfolio before 2014 draws to a close. Russ provides five investing to-dos to consider.

Commodity ETFs

Must-know: Why gold's price could decrease even more
Gold YTD Performance

Gold prices have declined 12%—from the peak of $1,385 per ounce. The peak was reached in March. In 2014, gold is currently trading at its lowest levels. Investors usually view gold as an inflation hedge.

Income ETF Analysis

Real Estate Investment Trusts

Consumer sentiment and job indicators influence retail sales
Retail Sales

Consumption is the U.S. economy’s biggest driver, and it accounts for 70% of GDP. Consumption has been relatively subdued since the recession began.

Master Limited Partnerships

Enterprise Products Partners acquires Oiltanking Partners
Corporate Structure

On October 1, 2014, Enterprise Products Partners (EPD) announced its acquisition of Oiltanking Partners L.P. (OILT), a midstream energy master limited partnership