From Sponsored Tweets to Affiliate Marketing, Here's How to Make Money on Twitter

Twitter owner Elon Musk recently announced users can now offer subscriptions for their followers. Here's are the five ways to make money on Twitter.

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Apr. 14 2023, Published 12:28 p.m. ET

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You now have more ways to make money with your Twitter account. Twitter owner Elon Musk recently announced that Twitter users can invite followers to subscribe to their content, similar to the way OnlyFans operates.

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Twitter won't take any of the money you make from subscriptions for the next 12 months, Musk tweeted on April 13, 2023. However, Musk said that Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android would take a cut of about 30 percent. After 12 months, iOS and Android fees drop to 15 percent, and Twitter will then “add a small amount on top of that, depending on volume.”

Keep reading to learn about the top ways to make money on Twitter.

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“Our goal is to maximize creator prosperity,” Musk tweeted. “At any point, you can leave our platform and take your work with you. Easy in, easy out.”

Twitter already offers several ways that users can monetize their content. Here are five options for how to make money on Twitter.

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1. Amplify Pre-Roll

Amplify Pre-Roll is an opt-in advertising program that runs ads on the video content you share on Twitter. “Pre-roll” is the term used for advertisements that run before the content starts. Twitter users who partner with the platform’s Amplify Publisher Program can choose which videos will have pre-roll and what brands/businesses can advertise. Payouts are made monthly to Twitter video publishers.

2. Amplify Sponsorships

Also part of Twitter’s Amplify Publisher Program, Amplify Sponsorships enable creators to partner with a single brand, event, or theme. You develop a content package, and then Twitter matches you with an advertising partner as the sponsor. For example, an athletic shoe company may sponsor your content for the college football championship games.

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3. Super Follows (now Subscriptions)

Twitter’s Subscriptions is actually a revamp of its Super Follows program. With Subscriptions, Twitter creators charge followers between $2.99 and $9.99 per month for exclusive content that only subscribers can see. To get paid through Twitter Subscriptions, you’ll need to have a Stripe account. Subscriptions enable you to form a deeper connection with your followers and even share voice Tweets.

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4. Enable Tips

Enable Tips lets your followers reward you for your content by sending you a tip. To receive tips, you’ll have to link your Twitter account with a third-party payment service like Cash App, Venmo, Patreon, Chipper, or Strike. Whatever you make in tips is all yours, Twitter doesn’t take a cut. You can turn Tips on so it shows on your Twitter profile through the “Edit Profile” option on the platform.

Twitter's Enable Tips can be linked to a Cash App account
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5. Affiliate marketing

While the other monetization methods we’ve mentioned are offered through the Twitter platform, affiliate marketing isn't, but you can still use it to make money with your Twitter account. With affiliate marketing, you earn money by tweeting about specific products or services.

Companies like Amazon provide you with affiliate link that you put in your tweets. If someone clicks on a link and spends money, you get a commission on the sale. Many social media influencers and bloggers earn a full-time income through affiliate marketing.

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