Will the Voyagers Unknown NFT Release Date Finally Come?

Voyagers Unknown has pushed back the release date numerous times. When will the NFTs finally drop? Here's what investors can expect.

Rachel Curry - Author

Feb. 3 2022, Published 2:13 p.m. ET

NFTs are hitting the blockchains like Adele hits high notes—with consistency. One NFT project, Voyagers Unknown, is facing obstacles in its NFT release. The company creates high-quality 3D avatars, which it plans to put out for bid as NFTs bound by smart contracts.

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The original release date has come and gone. Now, Voyagers Unknown fans await the drop. Here’s what we know about the release date and the latest updates on the NFT project.

What are the latest updates on the Voyagers Unknown NFT release date?

Originally slated for December 2021, the Voyagers Unknown NFT release date got pushed back to January 23, 2022.

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On Jan. 24, Voyagers Unknown tweeted about how preparation for the upcoming NFT release is going. The team wrote, “We have recently encountered some issues in relation to AWS (hosting environment) and our back-end building/uploading process. It looks to be an issue that requires manual attention from the AWS Team in order to reach a resolution.”

The team responded to the delay by saying that Voyagers Unknown is delaying its new website and NFT mint “until further notice.”

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Five days later on Jan. 29, Voyagers Unknown tweeted pictures of two beyond-human avatars and said, “It’s right around the corner.” As of Feb. 3, the website is still down.

What—and who—is Voyagers Unknown?

Voyagers Unknown reports a three-person team named Lionel, Christian, and Espen. The trio could potentially be aliases for the real Voyagers Unknown founders.

Voyagers Unknown will sell NFTs at prices as high as 0.3 ETH, or $790 equivalent as of the afternoon of Feb. 3. If the project takes off, the price is likely to soar on the secondary market. These NFTs will represent ownership of high-quality 3D avatars.

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How can investors buy a Voyagers Unknown NFT?

When Voyagers Unknown does mint NFTs, interested buyers on a curated Access List can get a raffle ticket using Coinbase. Voyagers said that it went with Coinbase to keep out bots and exploits during the raffle process. A random selection system will choose the ones who can then purchase the NFTs. Voyagers Unknown said that it will verify the user’s identity, connected wallet, and funds.

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According to Voyagers, “The Access List is highly populated with engaged users who are eager to mint our Voyagers.”

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The raffle period will be open for 24 hours. Once minting is enabled, users have 48 hours to purchase the NFT. The team will sell any remaining avatars via a whitelist system for which there “won't be any specific requirements for them, but they will be handpicked.”

Those who live in geolocations without access to Coinbase will have to wait for an update from the Voyagers team. They want everyone to be able to access the NFTs and are looking for a solution.

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Are Voyagers avatars ready for the metaverse?

These avatars and all of their moving parts aren't even ready for the blockchain. However, the team said that they're working on how to get them ready for the metaverse “and other virtual worlds.” Doing this would mean integrating the 3D art into metaverse protocols.

For Voyagers, it might also mean finding a way to change an avatar’s clothes and presenting a Voyagers ID card that could grant some sort of virtual VIP access, among other use cases.

Voyagers wrote, “”We have been going back and forth on how we can achieve a seamless, fair, and efficient mint on our release day.” NFT fans are still awaiting an updated release date.


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