Fox News Host Jesse Watters Has Three Children From Two Marriages

Fox News personality Jesse Watters has three children, Ellie, Sophie, and Jesse Jr., all who are under the age of 11 years old. He has been married twice.

Danielle Letenyei - Author

May 5 2022, Published 11:43 a.m. ET

Fox News personality Jesse Watters recently talked to TV reality star DJ Pauly D about how many parents are still supporting their adult children. Watters has three children, all under the age of 11 years old.

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Watters has twin daughters from his marriage to ex-wife Noelle Inguagiato. His daughters, Ellie and Sophie Watters, were born in 2011. In 2021, Watters and his second wife, Emma DiGiovine, had a baby boy, Jesse Bailey Watters Jr.

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Watters says he’s now pro-paternity.

The birth of his son gave Watters a different opinion of paternity leave. After taking a brief hiatus from his role as one of the hosts on the Fox show The Five, when Watters returned to the show, he told his fellow host that he was now 'pro-paternity,'” The Hill reported.

“I used to mock people for taking paternity, I used to think it was a big ruse, but now, ya know, I wish I could take six weeks,” he said during an April 2021 show. Fox News allows employees to take up to six weeks of paternity.

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Watters started a relationship with his second wife while he was still married.

Watters’ relationship with his second wife caused a bit of controversy for the Fox News host. DiGiovine had been a producer on Watters’ show, and the couple started having an affair while Watters was still married to his first wife. Inguagiato and Watters were separated at the time, and, upon learning of the affair, she filed for divorce.

Watters admitted he flattened DiGiovine’s tires to get her attention.

Last month, Watters also faced scrutiny after he revealed on an airing of The Five the stalker-ish move he made to get DiGiovine’s attention. He told his fellow hosts that he let the air out of her tires and then offered her a ride. He admitted she didn’t know the story.

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“She couldn’t go anywhere. She needed a lift. I said, ‘hey, you need a lift,’ and she hopped right in,” he said during the show.

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Amid laughter from the other hosts on the show, co-host Greg Gutfield likened the move to something that the Zodiac Killer would do. “It had a happy ending. We’re married,” Watters replied.

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Fans worried that Watters’ admission got him fired.

Not long after the exchange, Watters was noticeably absent from The Five and his other show, Jesse Watters Primetime. Many people thought he might have been suspended from the show as punishment for his admission about flattening DiGiovine’s tires. But actually, Watters’ absence was due to a back injury.

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"I threw my back out. I went to the emergency room. They took me in an ambulance,” Watters said on the April 25 airing of The Five. “I was in the hospital for four or five days, and they gave me a shot in the back, and I'm feeling a little bit better. Emma got me a hot pink walker.”

Watters co-hosts said several fans had asked them if he was fired for what Watters jokingly referred to as “Deflategate.”


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