Can Donald Trump Run for President Again in 2024 and Would He Win?

Mohit Oberoi, CFA - Author

Oct. 7 2021, Published 1:52 p.m. ET

It isn't even a year into Joe Biden’s presidency and many Americans aren't happy with how he has handled the Afghanistan withdrawal and immigrant issues. Will Donald Trump run for president again in 2024? Can Trump run again, and if he does, would he be able to win?

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Trump has signaled that he could run again in 2024. However, he emphasized that he would be making the announcement at the right time. While Trump might want to run again for the coveted job, would he be eligible?

Can Trump run again in 2024?

Legally speaking, Trump can run again in 2024. According to the 22nd Amendment, which was ratified in 1951, “No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice.” While Trump has run for a presidency twice so far, he lost to Biden in the 2020 U.S. presidential election in a nail-biting race.

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Trump can become the U.S. president for one more term. So, if he runs and wins the 2024 election, it would be his last stint as the U.S. president.

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How old would Trump be in 2024?

Trump doesn't exactly have age on his side—he would be 78 in 2024. Biden is also 78 and managed to beat Trump despite the “sleepy Joe” barbs. If anything, Trump’s frequent barbs seemed to have worked in Biden’s favor. While Trump’s age in 2024 would be similar to Biden’s current age, we also need to consider whether he would be physically fit to take part in the 2024 election.

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Will Trump be healthy enough to run in the 2024 election?

Former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman is doubtful that Trump will be healthy enough to run in the 2024 election. Trump’s health has always been some sort of an enigma. Newman thinks that the former president needs to “come clean to the American people” about his health.

Trump was infected with the coronavirus and some reports suggest that it was a severe infection. It's widely believed that his COVID-19 battle was worse than what was acknowledged at that time.

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Being the American president is a stressful job and the person needs to be physically and mentally fit for the job. Newman’s views on Trump should be taken with a pinch of salt. They had a falling out after her book Unhinged: An Insider's Account of the Trump White House was published in 2018.

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Would Trump be able to win in 2024?

Trump remains hugely popular, especially among Republican voters. Let’s be clear that while Trump has left the White House, “Trumpism” looks set to stay for some time. Even Biden has been taking forward some of Trump’s policies, especially when it comes to China.

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Also, let’s be fair. Biden’s handling of Afghanistan, the border migrant crisis, or even France over the submarine deal with Australia, wasn’t what those who voted for him might have expected.

A lot of Democratic voters and fence-sitters have good enough reasons to be dissatisfied with Biden. At the same time, Republican voters seem to galvanize behind Trump since Biden hasn’t been able to emerge as a strong leader.

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While the 2024 election is still over three years away, Trump could be a tough contender for the top job looking at the way things have been going in Biden’s first term.

As a note from history, Grover Cleveland was the only president who returned to the White House after losing re-election and served as the country’s 22nd and 24th president. However, that was way back in 1893. If Trump runs and wins in 2024, he would be rewriting the history books.


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