"Everything Everywhere All at Once" Props Auctioned, Raised Money for Charities

"Everything Everywhere All at Once" props auctioned off last week brought in big money. Here's a look at what was auctioned and for how much.

Kathryn Underwood - Author

Mar. 11 2023, Published 11:00 a.m. ET

"Everything Everywhere All At Once" auction item
Source: A24

Raccaccoonie brought in nearly $100,000 at auction.

The film nominated for a total of 11 Academy Awards, Everything Everywhere All at Once, has already been one to watch throughout Hollywood awards season. In the weeks leading up to the Oscars, over 40 Everything Everywhere All at Once props were auctioned off online for charity. Here's what made the auction list and how much money the event raised.

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Everything Everywhere All at Once has already won six Golden Globes awards and is gearing up for March 12 when the Academy Awards take place. The movie's success is no doubt why the auction run by entertainment company A24 has also brought in an impressive amount of money to be disbursed among several charities.

Source: A24 Auctions

One of the many items auctioned off from the award-winning film.

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What types of movie props were auctioned?

Among the 43 items from the filming of Everything Everywhere All at Once that were included in the A24 auction, there were costumes pieces, a trophy, a raccoon puppet, and a googly-eyed rock. The movie's plot centers around a Chinese laundromat owner who's facing a grueling tax audit and begins connecting with parallel universe versions of herself to save the multiverse.

The majority of auctioned items came from the film's costume department. Pieces of costumes worn by the lead character Evelyn (played by Michelle Yeoh, Evelyn's daughter Joy, and Waymond Wang — played by Ke Huy Quan) were among those auctioned to raise money.

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Source: A24

Evelyn's "Punk" Cardigan for Lunar New Year had nine bidders and went for $15,000.

Take a look at these items that made $20,000 or more for charity:

  • Hot Dog Hands: $55,000
  • A fanny pack worn by Ke Huy Quan: $48,000
  • "Auditor of the Month" trophy: $60,000
  • Deirdre's IRS Outfit and Wig: $26,000
  • Jobu's Elvis Costume: $20,000
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These are other items, as listed on the A24 website, with their final bids:

  • Deirdre's Desk Cookies: $10,000
  • Alphaverse Headset: $11,000
  • Waymond's Hero Costume: $17,000
  • Evelyn's Kung Fu Warrior Costume: $10,000
  • Deirdre's Hot Dog Costume: $6,000
  • Gong Gong's Alphaverse Wheelchair: $7,100
  • IRS auditor's ID card: $3,250
  • Evelyn's Giant Baby Costume: $4,250
  • Pile of Receipts: $7,000
  • Evelyn's 'Punk' Cardigan: $15,000
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Source: A24

A perfect symbol of the tax auditor: a pile of receipts was one of the auction lots.

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By far the most valuable auctioned item, at least according to those who were willing to place a bid, was the animatronic raccoon puppet. Raccaccoonie was the name of the puppet in the film, used in a similar role to the rat "Ratatouille" in the film by the same name, controlling a chef's actions in a restaurant kitchen. CNN reports that Raccaccoonie went for a bid of $90,000.

What is the strangest item to be auctioned off from the movie?

Everything Everywhere All at Once is such a unique movie with an unusual number of settings and costume choices, so it isn't a surprise that the items auctioned off likely all seem a bit weird. One stunt double auctioned off was the Rockverse Rock, complete with googly eyes, which brought in 15 bidders and ended with a bid of $13,200.

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Source: A24

The Rockverse Rock went for over $13,000.

How much money did the prop auction raise?

According to CNN, the overall sum of money raised after the auction closed to new bids was more than $500,000. Auction items were categorized and arranged under specific themes to add to the fun. Themes included Laundry & Taxes, Mementos From the Metaverse, and In Another Life.

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Source: AMHP Facebook

The Asian Mental Health Project is one of three organizations to receive proceeds of the auction.

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What organizations will benefit from the "Everything Everywhere All at Once" auction?

Three charitable organizations are set to receive portions of the proceeds from the A24 film prop auction. They are: the Asian Mental Health Project, the Laundry Workers Center, and the Transgender Law Center. Bidders could see which of the organizations would benefit from each item's auction.

For those who missed out on the auction (or perhaps are working with a much smaller budget), A24 also is selling other merchandise related to Everything Everywhere All at Once online. Items include the Laughing Rocks Multiverse Poster (free), Hot Dog Finger Gloves ($36), and the Googly Eye Puff Print Logo Tee ($40).

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