Study Reveals Top 18 Dream Jobs and the Odds of Getting Into Each Profession

Ever considered becoming a YouTuber, a doctor, or even a real estate agent, here’s a look at the odds of you actually getting into one of the jobs.

Jennifer Farrington - Author

Nov. 4 2022, Published 10:18 p.m. ET

A YouTuber and an astronaut
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A YouTuber and an astronaut are two of the hardest jobs to get.

Most people raise their children to follow the principle that they can be whatever it is they want, whether it be a famous singer with millions of fans or a fancy CEO who collects billions while running their company. While it’s nice to dream and to motivate people of all ages to never stop chasing a desired career, a study laid out the odds of landing one of the top dream jobs.

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If you have ever considered becoming a YouTuber (we’re talking one with a successful following), a doctor, or even a real estate agent, here’s a look at the odds of you actually getting into one of these professions. We’ll also dive into what the top five hardest dream jobs are and the likelihood of you landing the gig.

These are the top 18 dream jobs and the likelihood of you getting into the profession.

Top dream jobs
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There are thousands of jobs to choose from but only a few that people can collectively agree they’d like to have. While many of them require an extensive educational background, most have one thing in common — money, the main factor that drives most people to work. The online gaming experts over at Casumo took the time to develop a list of the top dream jobs using Google search data and the chances of you actually acquiring the title. Here’s what they discovered.

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The most searched dream job currently is a pilot. According to Casumo, searches for “becoming a pilot” rose by 22 percent after the Top Gun: Maverick premiere was held. While you can certainly aspire to be a pilot, data shows that the odds of getting into this profession are 1 in 3,440.

Here are the other jobs that claimed their place on the list of the most popular dream jobs:

  • Real estate agent – odds are 1 in 1,556
  • Model – odds are 1 in 6,708
  • Actor – odds are 1 in 1,141
  • Doctor – odds are 1 in 200
  • YouTuber – odds are 1 in 179,361 (with more than 500,000 subscribers)
  • Software engineer – odds are 1 in 144
  • Lawyer – odds are 1 in 274
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  • Psychologist – odds are 1 in 1,443
  • Data scientist – odds not available
  • Teacher – odds are 1 in 41
  • Police officer – odds are 1 in 535
  • Firefighter – odds are 1 in 1,979
  • Therapist – odds are 1 in 337
  • CEO – odds are 1 in 604
  • Singer – odds not available
  • Astronaut – odds are 1 in 27,856
  • Nurse – odds are 1 in 133

These are the five hardest jobs to land.

Source: Getty Images

While it's safe to assume that becoming a singer is quite difficult, there are a handful of other professions that may be equally challenging to land. According to Casumo, these are the five professions that are the hardest to achieve. Let’s have a look.

1. Prime minister – odds 1 in 67,081,000

According to Casumo’s figures, it’s easier to die by a lightning strike than it is to become prime minister.

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2. YouTuber – odds are 1 in 179,361

Not only is becoming a YouTuber one of the most desirable careers these days (and we understand why), but it's also one of the most difficult to land.

3. Premier League Footballer (professional soccer player in the U.K.) – odds are 1 in 134,162

4. A member of Parliament – odds are 1 in 103,202

5. A NASA astronaut – odds are 1 in 14,278

While these figures aren’t enough to crush dreams, they do put into perspective the challenge a person might encounter should they decide to choose a career with higher odds.


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