What Are Analysts Recommending for Enbridge?



Analyst recommendations

Analysts’ median target price for Enbridge (ENB) for the next year is $48. The median target price implies an 11.0% price return over the next year compared to ENB’s current price of $43.40.

About 82.0% of the analysts surveyed have rated Enbridge a “buy,” while 18.0% have rated it a “hold.” None of the analysts rated ENB a “sell.”

In comparison, 67.0% of analysts rated Kinder Morgan (KMI) a “buy,” and 93.0% rated Enterprise Products Partners (EPD) a “buy.”

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Projects under review

In addition to several projects under construction, Enbridge has numerous projects currently under various stages of review. They include the Northern Gateway Project, the East-West Tie Transmission Project, the Sandpiper Pipeline Project, and the Whitetail Peaking Station Project.


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