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Looking at Cal-Maine Foods’ Variable Dividend Policy



Dividend paid by the company

Cal-Maine Foods (CALM) has a dividend yield of 4.4% as of March 29, 2016. The company’s management raised the dividend at an average annual rate of 15.3% over five years. For fiscal 2015, the company gave a total of $1.11 per share to shareholders in the form of dividends. In fiscal 2016, YTD (year-to-date) the company has paid $1.73 per share as dividends to shareholders.

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Recent dividend declared

The company announced a cash dividend of ~$0.44 per share for its fiscal 3Q16 to holders of its common and Class A common stock. This dividend will be paid on May 12, 2016, to shareholders of record as of April 27, 2016. The dividend declared is consistent with the company’s variable dividend policy. In each quarter, when the company reports a net profit, it pays a cash dividend to shareholders in an amount equal to one-third of the quarterly income. The company doesn’t pay any dividend when no net profit is earned in any quarter. The amount varies based on outstanding shares on the record date.

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