At Times You Still Need a Checkbook — Find Out How to Void a Check

If you started a new job or set up cable, to receive a direct deposit or pay your bill online, you'll need to know how to void a check after setup.


Mar. 16 2023, Published 9:56 a.m. ET

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While most of us have gone digital, we can’t trash our checkbooks yet because sometimes you need a physical check, like when your employer requires a voided check to set up direct deposit for your paychecks or for electronic payments.

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Lenders may also ask for a voided check to pay for your mortgage or a car loan, so they can verify your bank account and routing numbers. So, what should you do with that check after you’ve submitted it? You’ll need to void it!

You'll also need to void a check if you're writing it and you make a mistake. Keep reading to find out how to void a check.

How to void a check — a simple yet important process

Why do you have to void a check? You’ll need to void a check so it can't be cashed or deposited, and to prevent unauthorized use of the check. Keep reading to find out how to void a check.

  • Choose the check from your checkbook that you want to void.
  • Write “VOID” in large letters across the check in blue or black permanent ink. And make sure it covers areas like the amount box, amount line and signature line.
  • Take note of the voided check number, date and other important details to keep track of your checks and maintain an accurate record.
  • Store the voided check in a safe space since it contains sensitive information like your routing and account numbers.
  • Once you no longer need the voided check, shred it to ensure your sensitive information doesn't fall into the wrong hands.
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Can a void check be cashed?

So, you may be wondering what happens when you void a check? When you void a check, it becomes invalid and unusable so it can't be cashed or deposited.

Once it's voided, the check will be removed from circulation, so it’s no longer part of your active checks to prevent confusion or accidental use. It also protects you against potential fraud and the chance someone may try to alter or cash the check without authorization.

Can you make a void check online?

No, you can’t create a physical voided check online. Checks are printed with your account and routing numbers, although some banks now offer digital alternatives to provide routing and account information without the need of a physical check.

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Why do companies ask for voided checks?

Whether it’s your employer, a utilities company, or a lender, a company may ask for a voided check to confirm your banking details. This includes:

  • To set up direct deposit: If you’d like your paycheck deposited directly into your checking account, your employer may ask for a voided check to confirm your bank account details.
  • To set up automatic payments: Loans and utility bills can be automatically deducted from your checking account, which requires a voided check to set up.

You can void a check in Quickbooks — here's how.

To void a check in Quickbooks, you’ll need to cancel the check that has been written, but not yet cashed or deposited. When you void the check in Quickbooks, it changes the amount to zero while keeping a transaction record.

The process varies depending on whether you’re using Quickbooks Online or Quickbooks Desktop.

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