Policy or Luck? TikTokers Discuss Walmart's Price Adjustment Policy

TikTok user Roland Toliver-Griff (@rolandtolivergriffin2) questioned Walmart's price adjustment policy. Does the company have a specific policy in place?

Jennifer Farrington - Author

Oct. 25 2022, Published 9:55 a.m. ET

TikTok video on Walmart price adjust policy
Source: TikTok (@rolandtolivergriffin2)

An interesting video recently surfaced on TikTok that now has many questioning Walmart’s price adjustment policy. By price adjustment, we’re referring to lowering the price of an item that rings up for more than what it was initially labeled.

If you’ve ever gone to buy an item at Walmart and realized it was more expensive than what the label read, you too may be wondering how the retailer is supposed to respond.

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According to the Walmart employee featured in TikTok user Roland Toliver-Griff’s video (@rolandtolivergriffin2), you should “consider yourself lucky” if an employee decides to adjust the price of a mislabeled item.

But we’re here to explore whether it is, in fact, luck or if Walmart is obligated to lower the price of a misplaced item.

Walmart has a price adjustment policy in place — sort of.

Walmart customer
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Toliver-Griff is letting it be known that Walmart is “supposed” to adjust the price of an item, even if it was placed in the wrong spot. In his video, which has caught the attention of 420,000 people already, Toliver-Griff is approached by two Walmart employees while checking out.

Apparently, he asked to have the price of an item adjusted after it rang up for more than what it was advertised as.

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As one of the employees heads over to the self-checkout station to change the price, another can be heard saying “consider yourself lucky.” The TikToker then replies, “No, that’s not luck, that’s Walmart policy.”

That employee, who happens to be a team leader, then responds with, “No, that’s not Walmart policy.” She then proceeds to tell the customer that she could deny the request if she wanted to.

The TikTok user went on to explain to the employees that he worked for the retailer for seven years and that it’s Walmart’s policy to change the price of an item if two or more are in one spot “unless Walmart changed its policy.”

The team leader quickly responded to that by saying that the policy “changes all the time.”

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TikTok weighs in and agrees, Walmart is supposed to adjust the price of a misplaced item.

While most TikTok users used the comments section to point out that the price adjustment wouldn’t be coming out of the employees’ paychecks, others agreed with the video’s creator that Walmart is supposed to honor the price they have advertised.

One user wrote “That’s definitely policy and boy do they hate it when you know it! I take pictures of prices that seem too good to be true …" Here’s what a few others had to say.

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TikTok weighs in on Walmart price adjustment video
Source: TikTok (@rolandtolivergriffin2)
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Walmart’s website doesn’t specify whether stores are required to adjust prices on misplaced items.

woman shopping in Walmart
Source: Getty Images

Although Walmart’s website doesn’t explicitly state what its policy is regarding adjusting prices for misplaced items, it does go into detail on its Price Match Policy. And according to that, the retailer has many restrictions in place in terms of when it will price match an item.

The policy also states, “Walmart reserves the right to modify the terms of [its Price Match Policy] at any time” and gives the manager on duty the final say “on any Price Match.”

Although Walmart’s Price Match Policy likely differs from the one that dictates when the retailer needs to adjust the price of an item, Walmart may be leaving the decision up to management.


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