"Rude" Customer Pushes Burger King Worker to Quit on the Spot

Inflation may be high these days, but it isn’t stopping workers from quitting on the spot. A viral TikTok video shows a Burger King employee quitting after getting upset with a customer.

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Oct. 13 2022, Published 5:13 p.m. ET

Burger King
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Inflation may be high these days, but it isn’t stopping workers from quitting on the spot. A Burger King employee was recently captured on video walking out of the fast-food restaurant after getting increasingly upset with a customer.

The video, which was posted on TikTok but has since been taken down, had already garnered nearly 2 million views. You can view a screenshot of the video at Dexerto.

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Here’s what led the Burger King employee to walk out in the middle of her shift and a few other times employees abruptly threw the towel in.

The Burger King employee quit on the spot after a customer “rudely” requested a refund.

Burger King employee
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The restaurant industry is one of the toughest to work in thanks to the faced-paced, stressful environments workers are thrown into. Dealing with unfriendly or rude customers only makes it more difficult. And it appears this may be the reason why the Burger King worker captured in the viral TikTok video quit on the spot.

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In the video, the employee can be heard saying, “Are you happy? You see how upset I am…coming in here being nasty to me. Oh my God here, take seven dollars…here you know what I don’t even care just take it all.” She was then seen ripping off her work shirt after exiting the building.

While it isn’t clear what the customer said to get the worker so upset, the text overlay for the video read “She quit her job because I ask for my money back.”

This TikToker quit on the same day she started her job.

TikTok user @lysha_lysha0722
Source: TikTok (@lysha_lysha0722)

Low wages coupled with high employer expectations are two other factors that are driving people to quit their jobs abruptly. TikTok user @lysha_lysha0722 recently shared a video where she tells viewers that she “just started a new job today and [that she’s] quitting.”

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In a follow-up video, the user says that after she requested a remote position through a recruiter, she was placed with an employer that could only offer a hybrid role. She would also be required to work her first three months in the office. That was the first red flag for @lysha_lysha0722.

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The TikToker then goes on to explain that while the job pays $17.86 per hour, which is “OK” because she lives in Ohio, her list of duties was easily worth $24 per hour. Between the two issues, the user says she wouldn’t be returning to the job.

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Another woman quit her job over the phone — and TikTok commended her for it.

In a TikTok video that has caught the attention of nearly 1.6 million viewers, a woman can be heard quitting her job over the phone. Her friend captured the video and uploaded it to his TikTok account, @davanthon.

The woman starts off by telling her employer that she’s supposed to be there to start her shift but wouldn’t be making it.

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She proceeds to tell the woman on the phone that she won’t be coming back as it is “pretty unbearable being around you.” While most employers require an employee to provide two-weeks notice, some employees are unable to wait that period out.

Want to leave a job you can’t stand? Here are a few tips on how to do it.

If you’re unhappy working for a company and want to quit, ZipRecruiter suggests you get your thoughts in order before you go to your boss with the big news.

While some are pushed into quitting on the spot or the same day they are hired, it can benefit if you can wait out the two weeks employers expect you to give.

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For starters, if you wait two weeks, it will give you some extra time to search for another job while you still have a check coming in. It will also help you to prevent burning any bridges as you never know when you might run into your employer again (and need a favor).

So, if you’re ready to quit a dreadful job you simply can’t bear to work any longer, remember to plan accordingly and go in with a positive attitude.


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