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How Johnson & Johnson’s Key Therapeutic Products Have Performed



Infectious diseases

Between 1Q17 and 1Q18, Johnson & Johnson’s (JNJ) infectious disease product sales rose 10.8% from $749 million to $830 million. Edurant sales grew 41% from $149 million to $210 million, and Prezista sales rose 11.2% from $430 million to $478 million.

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Johnson & Johnson’s neuroscience product sales rose 4.1% by $62 million between 1Q17 and 1Q18 to $1.55 billion. Concerta sales fell 17.2% from $209 million to $173 million, Invega Sustenna sales rose 15.2% from $604 million to $696 million, and Risperdal Consta sales fell 5.3% from $207 million to $196 million.


Between 1Q17 and 1Q18, Johnson & Johnson’s oncology product sales rose 45% from $1.6 billion to $2.3 billion. Darzalex sales grew by a stellar 69.4% from $255 million to $432 million, Imbruvica sales grew 43.5% from $409 million to $587 million, and Zytiga sales grew 61.6% from $523 million to $845 million.

Cardiovascular and metabolism

Johnson & Johnson’s cardiovascular and metabolism product sales grew 2.8% from $1.47 billion to $1.51 billion between 1Q17 and 1Q18. Sales of Xarelto, which is only marketed in the United States, grew 12.7% from $513 million to $578 million, Invokana sales fell 12.7% from $284 million to $248 million, and Procrit sales grew 11.7% from $247 million to $276 million.

In 1Q18, pulmonary hypertension sales totaled $585 million, of which $271 million came from Opsumit, $140 million from Tracleer, and $140 million from Uptravi. This therapeutic area was established by Johnson & Johnson in fiscal 2017 with the acquisition of Actelion in June 2017. In the next part of this series, we’ll look at Johnson & Johnson’s medical device segment.


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