What Wall Street Analysts Recommend for Cheniere Energy



Analyst ratings for Cheniere Energy

Of the analysts covering Cheniere Energy (LNG), 75.0% rate it as a “buy,” and the remaining 25.0% rate it as a “hold” as of December 15, 2017. Cowen & Co. last initiated coverage on Cheniere Energy in November 2017 and assigned a “market perform” rating, which is equivalent to a “hold.”

This was Cheniere Energy’s fourth rating update in the last eight months, including three new coverages and one downgrade.

Cheniere Energy’s MLP subsidiary, Cheniere Energy Partners (CQP), has “hold” ratings from 53.3% of analysts. Plus, 60.0% of analysts rate Cheniere Energy Partners LP Holdings (CQH) as a “hold.”

Cheniere Energy is currently trading below the low range ($50.00) of analysts’ target price. Cheniere Energy’s average target price of $56.60 implies ~15% upside potential from the current price levels.

Outlook for Cheniere Energy

The outlook for Cheniere Energy (LNG) remains positive considering the timely completion of its liquefaction trains at Sabine Pass, strong demand outlook for natural gas, long-term fee-based take or pay contracts, and further expansion opportunities. However, the company’s high leverage, buyers’ price pressure, and geopolitical tensions in the Korean Peninsula remain a concern.

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