What Analysts Recommend for Invesco



Strong “buy” ratings

In December 2017, six of the 16 analysts tracking Invesco (IVZ) gave it a “strong buy” rating, five rated it a “buy,” and five are suggesting a “hold.” None of the analysts gave the stock a “strong sell” or “sell” ratings. These ratings were the same in November 2017 and October 2017.

Upward momentum in Invesco’s assets under management (or AUM) from the past few months could prompt investors to rate the stock a “buy.” However, ratings were different in September 2017. Out of 16 analysts tracking IVZ in September 2017, seven had rated it a “strong buy,” five had suggested a “buy” rating, and four had recommended a “hold” on it. None of the analysts suggest “strong sell” or “sell” ratings.

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Ratings on IVZ’s peers

In December 2017, five of the 12 analysts tracking Invesco peer (XLF) WisdomTree Investments (WETF) are recommending a “hold,” two are suggesting a “strong sell,” one is recommending a “sell,” one suggests a “strong buy,” and three analysts recommend a “buy.” In November 2017, these ratings were the same.

In October 2017, 13 analysts were covering WETF, four had rated it a “hold,” three had suggested a “strong sell,” one had given it a “sell” rating, two had recommended a “strong buy,” and three had suggested a “buy” on WETF.

Seven analysts were tracking Virtus Investment Partners (VRTS) in December 2017, and five had given it a “hold” rating. One has rated it a “strong sell,” and one is suggesting a “strong buy.” No one has given VRTS a “buy” or “sell” rating.

Out of 29 analysts tracking PNC Financial Services Group (PNC) in December 2017, eight have given it a “strong buy” rating, 17 are recommending a “hold,” and four are suggesting a “buy” on the stock.


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