What Geographic Segments Contribute to Monsanto’s Sales?



Geographic reach

Earlier in the series, we learned that Monsanto (MON) is present in over 150 countries. Some regions are also host to companies such as FMC (FMC), Dow Chemical (DOW), and Syngenta (SYT)

For Monsanto, the North American market is of particular importance.

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Sales by region

In 2016, the United States contributed ~60% to Monsanto’s sales by region. Including Mexico and Canada, the company’s total North American sales contribution stood close to 68% of its 2016 sales. As more than two-thirds of Monsanto’s sales come from North America, these countries are its main focus.

In the United States, Monsanto has acquired several brands that offer customized solutions to farmers who grow corn, soybeans, and other seeds. 

The United States (VAW) is the world’s largest producer of corn, and the majority of corn grown in the country is genetically modified. Corn is not only used in food, it’s also used to produce ethanol, which is blended with gasoline in the United States. Let’s look at the sales trends from Monsanto’s reportable regions.

Sales trends

The United States has been the predominant region for Monsanto over the years, and its share has remained stable in the past decade. Brazil, which contributed 11% to Monsanto’s total sales in 2016, has also become an important market for the company, along with Argentina, which contributed 6% during the same period.

Next, we’ll discuss Monsanto’s sales drivers.


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