How Has Antero Resources Stock Fared in 2016?



Antero’s moving averages

Antero Resources (AR) stock, though it has recovered from its 2015 lows, continues to stay volatile.

AR started the year on a positive note, mostly trading above its 50-day MA (moving average). The momentum continued on into February 2016, when AR’s stock almost crossed over its 200-day MA. AR’s stock has been volatile since then, seeing many ups and downs and crossing over its 50-day MA several times and for varied time periods in 2016

AR is now trading below its 50-day MA. On November 16, 2016, AR’s stock was trading ~5.5% below its 50-day MA.

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AR’s stock was mostly trading above its 200-day MA this year. The 200-day MA crossed AR’s stock far fewer times than the 50-day MA and for very brief durations. Investors should note that AR’s 50-day MA has mostly remained above the 200-day MA this year, which could be seen as a positive sign by markets. That said, it looks like AR’s 50-day MA is about to cross under the 200-day MA, which would be a bearish sign for AR stock.

As of November 16, 2016, Antero’s stock was trading ~5.2% below its 200-day MA. Year-over-year, AR’s stock has risen 1%. Peers Rice Energy (RICE) and QEP Resources (QEP) have risen 47% and 15%, respectively, during the same period.

Now let’s take a look at Antero’s key management objectives.


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