Amazon Prime Video Service: Analyzing Some Serious Prospects



Amazon pushes for streaming devices compatible with Prime Video

In the previous part of this series, we discussed how Amazon (AMZN) could lose out on the retail business as it bars sales of Apple (AAPL) TV and Google (GOOGL) Chromecast on its platform. However, Amazon rates its Prime Video service highly and continues to invest in it. By barring sales of Apple TV and Chromecast, Amazon appears to be sending a message to Apple and Google about the compatibility of their devices with its Prime Video service.

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Amazon’s big investments in Prime Video service

Currently, Amazon’s Prime Video service is not a major player in the video streaming market, but it continues to grow at a rapid pace. According to a report from Sandvine and as the chart above shows, Netflix (NFLX) accounted for 36.5% of downstream Internet traffic on computers and networks in North America in March 2015. Netflix is followed by YouTube, Apple’s iTunes, Facebook (FB), and Amazon’s Prime Video.

Amazon is making big investments to grow its Prime Video service. Amazon plans to enter the Japanese (EWJ) market with its Prime Video service in the near term, following Netflix’s launch in Japan in early September. Amazon also recently introduced an innovative feature that lets users download Prime Videos to iOS and Android platforms for offline viewing.


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