Will Iran Threaten Russia's Share in the Oil and Gas Market?

Last week, Iran’s oil minister announced a new model of contracts for foreign oil and gas companies during the two-day conference in Tehran.

The FHFA’s House Price Index differs from other house price indexes in that it only looks at houses with mortgages guaranteed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Sector ETF Analysis

Energy and Power

Natural Gas Prices Rally: Hedge Funds Reduce Short Positions

On Monday, November 30, 2015, natural gas prices rallied due to lower natural gas prices. Lower natural gas prices boosted bargain buying, and short covering supported natural gas prices.

Tech, Media, and Telecom

Analyzing Microsoft's Strategies for Windows and Internet of Things

SKYY closed at $43.9 with a positive return of 0.23% on November 27, 2015, generating a profit of 0.07% for the week.


What Factors Are Driving U.S. Steel's Stock Lower?

The Carnegie Way transformation was expected to restore the glory days of U.S. Steel. However, looking at the stock’s performance, the company’s value today is lower than what it was a century back.

Basic Materials

Trafigura Shuts Down Galena Metals Fund

Trafigura, one of the world’s leading trading groups, announced its decision to close its Galena Metals Fund.


Monthly Roundup: US Financials

On Wednesday, November 25, the Federal Reserve approved rules to amend the existing capital plan as well as stress testing guidelines. These will be effective in 2016.


Biotechnology Stocks Fall to Close the Month

IBB closed at $334.37, and was trading 2.8% below the 100-day moving average and 0.65% higher than the 20-day moving average.

Real Estate

How Long Can the Housing Sector Remain Upbeat?

Housing is steadily becoming a bright spot for the US economy. The iShares US Home Construction ETF (ITB) has risen 3.9% over the past month, as of November 23.

Consumer Staples

An Overview of SUPERVALU: What Investors Should Know

SUPERVALU reported sales of $17.8 billion in fiscal 2015 and $18 billion during the last 12 months. Its trailing-12-month net margin stood at 1.2%.

Global ETF Analysis

Country ETFs

Why We May See Policy Divergence between the ECB and the Fed

The Eurozone’s gross domestic product (or GDP) growth rate was 1.4% in March 2005. The European Central Bank’s (or ECB) fund rate at that time was 2.1%.

Emerging Markets

Smart Beta Fund ICF: A Structural Analysis

The iShares Cohen & Steers REIT ETF (ICF) seeks to replicate the price movement of the Cohen & Steers Realty Majors Index.

Income ETF Analysis

Fixed Income ETFs

The Case for Preferred Stocks in This Low Yield Environment

While high yield bonds could be an avenue for higher yields, they seem risky given the slowing global economy and low oil prices. In such a scenario, preferred stocks could offer some value.

Real Estate Investment Trusts

Introducing Post Properties: Investor Must-Knows

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Post Properties is structured as an REIT and completed its initial public offering in 1993.