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What is Billionaire Heiress Jacqueline Mars' Net Worth?

The company generates more than $45 billion in revenue each annum.
Jacqueline B. Mars | Getty Images |  Ron Sachs
Jacqueline B. Mars | Getty Images | Ron Sachs
Name Jacqueline Mars
Net Worth $55 Billion
Gender Female
Date of Birth Oct 10, 1939
Age 84 years
Nationality United States of America
Profession Businessperson

Jacqueline Mars, center, and her granddaughters, Graysen Airth, left, and Katherine Burgstahler | Getty Images |  Ron Sachs
Jacqueline Mars, center, and her granddaughters, Graysen Airth, left, and Katherine Burgstahler | Getty Images | Ron Sachs

Jacqueline Mars, the billionaire heiress and philanthropist, is the daughter of Forrest Edward Mars Sr, and granddaughter of Frank C Mars, who were the founders of the worldwide famous American candy company Mars. The company is the owner of some of the most famous candy brands such as Skittles, Mars Bar, Starburst, Snickers, M&M and more. Jacqueline Mars currently owns one-third of Mars Inc., with the rest being held by her brother and her four nieces.

The company generates more than $45 billion in revenue annually. Jacqueline Mars has been involved with the company since 1982, which was the year she joined the company as food product group president. As of 2023, Jacqueline Mars' net worth is around $55 billion.

Mars is known as the chocolate queen of America. She has never been interested in listing the company in the stock market and has always kept the company private. 

Mars, Incorporated

Mars Incorporated is one of the largest privately held companies in the United States, as per Forbes and is best known for making candies like Mars bars, Skittles, and even Twix. The company also sells pet food such as  Royal Canin, Pedigree, and Nutro. They also own the popular Orbit gum through their subsidiary Wrigley. As the heiress of the business family, she owns shares and assets which are worth billions of dollars. 


She has been involved in various philanthropic endeavors, most of which are related to arts and cultural conservation. She is one of the board members of the Washington National Opera and the National Sporting Library and Fine Arts Museum/ She also sits on the National Advisory Council of the Journey Through Hallowed Ground which is a designated National Heritage Area beginning near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to Charlottesville, Virginia. She also donates to the League of Conservation Voters. Mars is also a trustee of the US Equestrian Team. 


Jacqueline Mars was born in 1939 to Forrest Mars Sr. and Audrey Ruth. The company was started by her grandfather Frank C. Mars. She attended Miss Hall's School in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, and participated in a lot of equestrian shows growing up. She later attended the Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania from where she graduated with a degree in anthropology.

She was married to her first husband David H. Badger till 1984. The former couple has three children named Alexandra, Stephen, and Christa. She later married Harold Vogel, the two lived in Bedminster but got divorced in 1994. 

Mars was involved in an automobile crash in 2013 on US Route in Aldie, Virginia. She mistakenly entered the highway's center line and hit a minivan carrying six passengers one of whom died. She was later charged with misdemeanor reckless driving as no kind of drug or alcohol was found in her system. She later admitted that she had fallen asleep at the wheel. She pleaded guilty to falling asleep and to the accident that caused one death and one miscarriage. 

How did Jacqueline Mars make her money?

She owns one-third of Mars Inc. which was founded by her grandfather. The company generates more than $45 billion in revenue each year. 

Does Jacqueline Mars Live in Virginia?

Yes, Jacqueline Mars, granddaughter of Mars Inc. founder Frank C. Mars, is the richest living family member and lives in Virginia.