Tensions Between China, Taiwan, and the U.S. Grow — Why Would China Invade Taiwan?

The likelihood of China invading Taiwan seems more serious and likely as China's aggression grows. Why would China invade Taiwan? Here are the details.

Robin Hill-Gray - Author

May 23 2022, Published 3:16 p.m. ET

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Tensions between China, Taiwan, and the U.S. are escalating as talks of China invading Taiwan grow. The issue has forced President Biden to be clear on where his loyalties lie, either with China or Taiwan and it seems like Biden has struggled in this aspect. Why would China invade Taiwan?

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China's aggression towards Taiwan seems to mirror that of Putin towards Ukraine. While it seemed unlikely that Putin would invade, he eventually did and now political leaders are scrambling to figure out whether or not China's aggression should be taken seriously.

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Why would China invade Taiwan? The country's independence is an issue.

Tensions between China and Taiwan date back to 1949 when Chinese Communist leader Mao Zedong created the People's Republic of China. The creation was the catalyst for a civil war between the Nationalist Party and the Chinese Communist Party. As the war progressed, the leader of the Nationalist Party, Chian Kai-shek, facilitated a move to Taiwan to regroup after they failed to take control of the mainland. Since then, Taiwan has been an independent nation.

Taiwan operates as a democracy and has done so for over 70 years, but this hasn't stopped China from eying the nation and plotting to reunite it with the rest of China. The call for reunification has been heightened over the last few years as Russia's tension with Ukraine was brought to a boil and led to an invasion. Earlier in the year, it was reported that China wants to take control of Taiwan.

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Xi Jinping, President of the People's Republic of China, stated, "The Taiwan question arose out of the weakness and chaos of our nation, and it will be resolved as national rejuvenation becomes a reality." A report entitled Taiwan and the Fight for Democracy by Tsai Ing-wen, President of the Republic of China, stated that the more people see the threat of the Chinese Communist Party, the more they'll value Taiwan's presence.

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She added, "They should remember that if Taiwan were to fall, the consequences would be catastrophic for regional peace and the democratic alliance system. It would signal that in today's global contest of values, authoritarianism has the upper hand over democracy."

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Why would China invade Taiwan? All about the One China Policy

President Biden has made it clear that hostility towards Taiwan by China won't be tolerated, if need be, it will also be met with U.S. military force. According to The Wall Street Journal, Biden claimed that the U.S. is committed to protecting Taiwan. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin responded to Biden's claim with solid displeasure. He claimed that China doesn't have the room to make compromises or concessions.

Biden somewhat clarified his support for China saying, "We agree with the One China Policy and all the attendant agreements we made. But the idea that it can be taken by force would just not be appropriate." President Biden insinuated to call China's bluff on an invasion claiming that he expects an invasion "will not be attempted."

Though Biden feels that an invasion is unlikely, Beijing has already displayed some hostility towards Taiwan with its recent military drills; similar to Putin gathering Russian troops near Ukraine prior to the invasion. Wenbin stated, "The Taiwan issue is purely China's internal affairs, which brooks no interference from any external forces." He also warned that China's desire for sovereignty shouldn't be underestimated.


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