Jaiden Stipp, Nyla Hayes, and Victor Langlois
Source: Twitter / Instagram

NFT artists Jaiden Stipp, Nyla Hayes, and Victor Langlois.

These Teens Are Taking Over the NFT Art World — and Earning Millions


Apr. 7 2022, Published 10:03 a.m. ET

People love NFTs (non-fungible tokens) because they level the playing field — especially when it comes to digital art. With NFTs, there are no gatekeepers, like in the traditional art world, making it less accessible for artists who just want to showcase and sell their work.

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This is also true for teen artists, who are slowly taking over the NFT space with their creative works of art. Many of these young NFT artists are still living at home with their parents and making six figures in cryptocurrency.

Here is a look at NFT teen millionaires collectors need to keep their eye on.

Abigail — Belugies

abigail belugies nfts
Source: Twitter

Belugies was created by Abigail, a 14-year-old artist who is giving back with her 8,000 piece collection. She recently donated $50,000 to the Beluga Whale Alliance in Alaska with proceeds from the sale of NFTs, and in total has donated over $248,000 to various charities.

"With the help of our community we have made the world a better place and have helped in the lives of children, animals, and ecosystems," she wrote on her website. "And we have so much more to come."

Abigail's profits are estimated at over $1 million, and her NFTs can be purchased directly from her website.

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Victor Langlois (FEWOCiOUS)

When Victor Langlois' (aka FEWOCiOUS) NFTs were auctioned by Christie's in 2021 the website crashed. Since beginning his NFT art career, which focuses on his difficult childhood and gender transition, Langlois has earned just under $18 million, according to Esquire.

"I started doing digital because I could hide it all under my chest," he shared. "I genuinely think it saved my life."

His piece, "The Everlasting Beautiful," sold for $550,000, and more of his art is available to view on his website.

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Jaiden Stipp

Jaiden Stipp sold his first NFT for 20 ETH, which converts to roughly $60,000 today, at the age of 15 years old. He has since sold four more pieces and told Time he was able to help his parents pay off their house and cars.

Today, he is also investing in other young NFT creators. "Anytime I see someone young, I’m like, Yes, I believe in you,” he told the outlet. "And the fact that you even know what this is and you knew how to make something? I want to support you so hard because I don’t know what you’re going to do in three years..."

Jaiden's work is available on SuperRare.

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Benyamin Ahmed — Weird Whales

Benyamin Ahmed might only be 12 years old, but the eighth-grader from London already has one of the most recognizable NFT collections known as Weird Whales.

His art of pixelated whales — a popular term in the crypto community for someone who owns 1,000 bitcoins — against bright backgrounds has already earned him a crypto wallet worth about $1 million, which he hasn't touched.

"There’s a risk that it could all go to zero, but I don’t need the money yet,” he told the New York Post. "I’m confident that [crypto] prices will increase a lot more from here."

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Nyla Hayes — Long Neckie Ladies

In March 2022, Nyla Hayes, the creator of the NFT collection Long Neckie Ladies, signed with CAA — and she is just 13 years old.

Her NFTs, inspired by her favorite dinosaur, the Brontosaurus, are worth nearly $3.4 million, and she was named the first artist in residence for Time's Web 3.0 and NFT initiative.

Long Neckie Ladies are available to buy on OpenSea.

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Erin Beesley

erin beesley nfts
Source: SuperRare

Erin's NFTs "artificial fashion #2" and "neutral triptych."

Erin Beesley is a 14-year-old from North Carolina who creates NFTs using code. The teenager's generative art has sold for as much as 75 ETH, which is equal to $269,000.

Her artwork is available on SuperRare.

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Justin Bodnar

Justin Bodnar's art is described as "surreal and dreamy landscape scenes" and according to his website, the 17-year-old is working as a digital/3D artist and photographer.

While he technically might not be a millionaire yet, his art is slowly growing in popularity and currently ranges in price from $1,000 to $7,250.

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Carlos Gomez (Solace)

carlos gomez
Source: Nifty Gateway

Carlos Gomez's NFT titled "Underground King."

Carlos Gomez began creating NFTs on a borrowed iPad, and now the 18-year-old from California known as Solace is making a name for himself.

His collection, "Recollections," was recently featured in Nifty's Next Generation, and he was also mentioned in The New York Times' story "Teens Cash In on the NFT Art Boom."


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