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Heather McArdle

Heather McArdle is Director of Fixed Income Indices at S&P Dow Jones Indices. She is responsible for the successful launch and management of global fixed income indices, based on the needs of existing and prospective clients.

Heather has over 15 years of fixed income product knowledge in marketing, sales, and trading capacities. Previously, Heather spent 15 years at Citigroup, most recently as the director of international fixed income trading. Prior to this role, Heather was VP of emerging markets fixed income at Citi.

Heather holds a bachelor’s in business/economics from the University at Albany.

Disclosure: The content Market Realist publishes should not be construed as investment advice, nor do the opinions expressed necessarily reflect the views of S&P Dow Jones Indices.

More From Heather McArdle

  • uploads///Performance of the SP US Treasury TIPS Index
    Company & Industry Overviews

    A Look at the Outlook for TIPS

    TIPS (VTIP) (TIP) are likely to underperform since inflation levels and growth rates are very low on a global level.

    By Heather McArdle
  • uploads///TIPS Underperform When the Breakeven Rate Is Higher Than the Actual Inflation Rate
    Macroeconomic Analysis

    The Relationship between TIPS and the Break-Even Rate

    Between Jan 2014 and September 2015, the break-even rate was higher than the CPI inflation rate, as markets were surprised by the sudden dip in oil (USO) prices.

    By Heather McArdle
  • uploads///TIPS Usually Outperform When Inflation Is Rising or High
    Macroeconomic Analysis

    How Can TIPS Add Value to Your Portfolio?

    TIPS (TIP) are one one of the few securities that actually pay you directly for inflation. Unlike regular bonds that see an erosion in value when inflation rates rise, TIPS outperform.

    By Heather McArdle
  • uploads///Historical Treasury and TIPS Yield and the Breakeven Rate
    Macroeconomic Analysis

    What Does the Break-Even Rate Suggest?

    The break-even rate is the difference between the yields of ten-year Treasuries (IEF) (TLH) and ten-year TIPS (VTIP).

    By Heather McArdle
  • uploads///Historical CPI and PPI Inflation Rates
    Macroeconomic Analysis

    How Should We Measure Inflation?

    Investors pay close attention to inflation figures because they tend to affect their investments. Bond (BND) prices take a hit when inflation is rising or high.

    By Heather McArdle
  • uploads///Inflation Interest Rates and FX
    Macroeconomic Analysis

    How Are Inflation, Interest Rates, and Foreign Exchange Related?

    A low rate of inflation doesn’t guarantee a favorable exchange rate. But a high inflation rate is likely to have a negative effect on a currency’s value.

    By Heather McArdle
  • uploads///The QE Program Led to a Full Fledged Asset Price Inflation
    Macroeconomic Analysis

    How Central Banks ‘Create’ Inflation

    A QE program doesn’t just create inflation; it causes asset prices to rise as well. After the financial crisis of 2008, the Fed resorted to an ultra-accommodative monetary policy.

    By Heather McArdle
  • uploads///The British Economy Saw a Demand Pull Inflation in the s
    Macroeconomic Analysis

    What Is Demand-Pull and Cost-Push Inflation?

    Both Russia (RSX) and Brazil (EWZ) are experiencing cost-push inflation. Both economies are highly dependent on commodities.

    By Heather McArdle
  • uploads///US Inflation and Interest Rates
    Company & Industry Overviews

    How Are Inflation and Interest Rates Related?

    If inflation rises more quickly than the Fed’s estimate, the Fed could be forced to hike rates, which could stifle the economy and the Markets.

    By Heather McArdle
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