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Jamshaid Chaudhary

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Jamshaid Chaudhary began writing as a professional on his personal blog and then discovered his true calling—which is writing about technology, news, and gadgets in general. He has been a technical writer, author, and blogger since 2010. He's also an industry watcher who stays on top of the latest features and is extremely passionate about juicy tech news and everything related to gadgets. For tech tips, visit

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    Partner Voice

    Why Don’t Kratom Companies Offer Public Stocks?

    Kratom is a tropical herb extracted in Southeast Asia. Why is it illegal in so many countries? And will kratom companies hit the US market?

    By Jamshaid Chaudhary
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    Why Netflix Is a Don’t-Touch Stock for Some Investors

    Despite Netflix’s cultural sway, we have yet to see if it can translate its popularity and binge-watching appeal into sustained commercial success.

    By Jamshaid Chaudhary
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    What to Expect from the VPN Market

    Only a few years ago, virtual private networks or VPNs were pretty unknown to investors. But industry trends are boosting their relevance—and popularity.

    By Jamshaid Chaudhary
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