What Institutional Investors Think about Magellan Midstream



Top investors in MMP

According to the latest filings, the top ten investors in Magellan Midstream Partners (MMP) together sold 0.4 million MMP shares in Q1. Seven out of the top ten investors reduced their position in the stock, while three added to their MMP positions. The purchase of 5.4 million shares by Chevy Chase Trust Company was the largest buy transaction among the top ten investors. On the other hand, Harvest Fund Advisors sold 3.6 million MMP shares in Q1. It now holds 1.8% of MMP’s outstanding shares.

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OppenheimerFunds sold 2 million Magellan Midstream Partners shares in Q1. The above table shows the top ten investors and their latest position changes in Magellan Midstream. Tortoise Capital Advisors is the largest institutional investor in Magellan Midstream. It holds 7.1% of MMP’s outstanding shares. Tortoise Capital sold 0.1 million MMP shares in Q1. Alps Advisors and Goldman Sachs Asset Management are the second-largest and third-largest investors in Magellan Midstream, respectively.

The top ten investors together own 32.4% of MMP’s outstanding shares. The top investors’ activity likely indicates their slightly bearish sentiments for Magellan Midstream.

Other transactions

Macquarie Capital Investment Management bought 2.9 million Magellan Midstream shares recently. Janus Henderson Investors and Commonwealth Bank of Australia each bought 1.6 million MMP shares. Salient Capital Advisor sold 1.1 million MMP shares recently.


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