Here’s Where Amazon Could Be Launching Its Amazon Go Store



Amazon may be opening a cashierless store in London

Amazon (AMZN) quietly expanded its cashierless convenient store, Amazon Go, throughout 2018. The e-commerce giant now operates ten Amazon Go stores, including four each in Seattle and Chicago and two in San Francisco.

Now, according to The Grocer (via Reuters), the tech giant has acquired a retail space in central London to bring its Amazon Go store to the United Kingdom—beyond the United States for the first time.

Amazon has spent a lot of money investing in the cashierless concept. Each Go store is equipped with several cameras and sensors, which detect the products that are picked up by customers.

It’s not clear, though, whether and when Amazon will start generating meaningful revenue from its Amazon Go stores.

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Consumers love the concept of cashierless stores

According to a survey by GPShopper (via eMarketer), almost half of American Internet users think scan-and-go technology would make shopping easier, with 43% saying they would rather scan and go than wait in a checkout line.

It’s clear that the Amazon Go stores are much more convenient than regular convenience stores. However, their viability for Amazon isn’t yet known.

Amazon stock has risen 9% in 2019 as the company continues to invest in several businesses to try to unearth more gems such as Amazon Web Services.


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