Public Service Enterprise Group: Analysts’ Views and Estimates



Estimates for PEG

Public Service Enterprise Group (PEG) stock returned 5% last year, largely mirroring broader utilities. Analysts have given it a median target price of $57.3 for the next 12 months compared to its current market price of $50.7, suggesting an estimated upside of 13% going forward. JPMorgan Chase raised PEG’s target price from $57.0 to $58.0 on January 14.

Of the 16 analysts currently covering PEG, five have given the stock “strong buys,” six have given it “buys,” and another five have given it “holds.” No analysts have given PEG “sells.”


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Public Service Enterprise Group stock is currently trading at a forward PE of 15.0x based on analysts’ EPS estimates for the next 12 months. The stock’s historical valuation is nearly 15x, implying that it seems to be trading at a fair valuation. It seems cheaper than its peers (VPU) as well. Analysts expect PEG’s EPS to rise more than 5% year-over-year in 2019.

Public Service Enterprise Group offers a dividend yield of 3.5%, marginally higher than the yields of its peers. Its per-share dividend growth for the last five years has been ~4.5%.

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